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Quick Breads

No description

Jennifer Beck

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Quick Breads

Quick Breads Prezi
A type of bread which is leavened with leavening agents other than yeast.
- Iron
- B Vitamins
Nutrient Contributions of Quick Breads
- Leavening
- Color
- Richness
- Firmness

- Tenderness
- Richness
- Flaky Layers
- Found in foods processed from wheat.
- Formed by adding liquid to flour.
- Gluten gives elasticity to dough,
helping it rise and keep its shape.
- Gluten gives the final product its
chewy texture.
1. Muffin Method
2. Biscuit Method
3. Creaming Method

Mixing Methods
- Tender
- Flavor
- Browns Crust

- Moisture
- Gluten
- Helps bread
and baked goods
- Structure
- Gluten
Muffin Method
1. Sift dry ingredients
2. Beat eggs in separate
3. Make a well in the dry
4. Add eggs to well.
5. Fold in any flavorings
5. Mix only until dry parts
are moist.
Biscuit Method
1. Sift dry ingredients
2. Cut in fat (first cut cold butter
into pieces and mix with a pastry
3. Add liquid ingredients
4. Mix until dry particles are
5. Knead dough
Batters and Doughs
1. Pour Batters: Very thin flour based batter.

Examples: Pancakes and Waffles

2. Drop Batters: Thicker; uses 2x flour

Examples: Muffins and Doughnuts

3. Soft Dough: Thick enough to use hands. 1/3 amount of flour
Examples: Scones and biscuits

4. Stiff Dough: Little water and easy to work with because they do not stick to work surfaces.

Ex: Pie Crusts
Why are Quick Breads quick?
Quick breads use steam, air, or CO2 as a leavener....that's why their quick!!

They take less time then yeast breads.

More about Baking Soda and Baking Powder
Baking soda contains an acid that reacts with liquids to create CO2 to leaven your baked goods.

Baking powder comes in single acting and double acting

Single acting reacts with liquid

Double acting reacts with liquid and heat
Creaming Method
1. Butter and sugar are creamed
together until smooth.
2. Egg and liquid flavoring
mixed in.
3. Dry and liquid ingredients
are added.
4. Stir together.
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