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Multi Cultural Literature

For partial completion of UT Arlington course LIST 5354 "Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults" Dr. Kathryn Pole

Randall Acheson

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Multi Cultural Literature

A Journey of Understanding
MultiCultural Children's Literature
Dr. Kathryn Pole
LIST 5354
Multicultural Literature
for Children and Young Adults
"The most current research in
the field will ground both theory and
practice, including understanding, selecting, and evaluating multicultural literature, as well as
integrating such literature
into the curriculum."
It is
all about
What is a
Mark Johnson
George Lakoff
"Metaphors govern
both our thought and action,
that is, these conceptual systems
how we relate to people."
"By examining the metaphors
of mirrors, windows, and doors,
we can identify how they structure our
perception (how we perceive), thoughts
(how we think), and actions
(what we do)."
One of the
most complex words
in the English
How we define
culture shapes how we understand
social difference and the literary
category of multicultural
children's literature.
The definition of culture
with which readers align themselves
shapes their reading in particular ways,
and certainly influences what they
deem worthy of notice
and analysis.
By: Randall Acheson
- Retired U. S. Coast Guard Chief Boatswain's Mate
- Texas Certified Mid-Level (4-8) Science Teacher
- Bachelor of Science in University Studies (2012)
- Master of Education in Teaching (Anticipated August 2014)
- Recently accepted into UT Arlington PhD in Educational
Leadership and Policy Studies August 2014 Cohort.
My Multicultural Young Adult Book Selections
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