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Things you should know for a trip to Poland

Alyssa Mrozek

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Poland

Poland Languages Currency Sites and Attractions Polish German
Russian English may be understood
at a tourist site but it is unlikely
that it will be understood anywhere
else in the country. Polish Zlotzy 1 Zlotzy = 0.3 US dollars Madam and Sir are proper
titles for adult strangers. Polish people are extremely polite. Krolewski (Royal Castle) Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Czestochowa Warsaw Kraków Holidays Christmas New Years Easter Independence Day Polish people do not hug each other.
They do not like body contact other
than hand shakes. Chewing gum while conversing
is seen as rude. Flicking your neck around a close
friend means you're inviting them
to have a glass of vodka with you.
It is considered rude to use this
gesture on a stranger. Diet Pierogi Sauerkraut Bigos Sausage Chlodnik Religion Climate Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox
Protestant 6 seasons Early spring is from
March to May. Sunny spring is from
May to June Warm Summer is from
June to September Warm autumn is from
September to October Cool autumn is from
October to December Winter is from
December to March The Black Madonna When greeting someone, it is proper
for a man to bow to a woman and
kiss her on the hand Greeting and Manners The Polish eat 4 meals a day: breakfast,
lunch, dinner, and a nighttime snack. Other religions Other religions
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