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Vending machine for students

No description

Hendrik Knitter

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Vending machine for students



offering students

acquire essential products in a broad variety

being accessible, simple, fast

being the best at understanding and satisfying students needs and wants

adapting our products to the changes of those needs

Core Competency
5 forces analysis
direct access
immediate match to student's needs & wants

monopoly at best recognizable and accessible location (universities)
purchasing price
discount on purchase

target purchasing price
delivery allowance
purchase cost´s

cash purchasing price
delivery cost´s

acquisition price
general expenses

first cost´s
profit margin

cash price of sale
customer allowance

target selling price
customer discount



in % of purchasing price

in % of target price

provisions (agent) etc.

insurance, shipping etc.

in % of acquisition price

in % of first cost´s

in % of target selling price

in % of target selling price

net price
assistant director of operations and marketing team: Matt
mediator: Robert
captain: Manja

operations director: Hendrik
operations team: Julia, Willi, Clara W.
marketing director: Ana
marketing team: Clara, Lisa, Robert, Manja
General Business Description
“Vending Machines for Students” is a concept providing immediate access to essential products for students. The vending machines will be located centrally in university buildings and will be equipped with low-budget as well as with high-quality products for the daily life in the university. The machine accepts both cash and the MensaCard. The business will be implemented in Berlin and the plan is to expand to any other major cities with a wide number of universities especially in the Asian market. We will rely on word-of-mouth marketing and if possible avoid conventional methods of marketing.
Primary activity
Inbound logistics

-purchase of products,
(continuously changing based on
research) (P) (T)
- inventory decisions based on
data collected by mashines (T)
-concept “hub and spoke”
-location of supplier may be important for fast delivery

We will ensure supplied materials will be properly stored, maintained, and stocked by:
Purchasing from suppliers the items deemed most essential to the average student
Renting a warehouse (or other storage facility) to properly store inventory
Hiring warehouse staff to maintain and account for inventory (both inbound and outbound)
Purchasing forklifts and other utility vehicles to ensure bulk goods can be transported quickly and safely

support activities used
Procurement to purchase appropriately defined products and warehouse equipment

Human resource management to hire and train warehouse personnel

Technological development to establish an effective system that will track the flow of inbound and outbound logistics

support activities used
- maintenance (T) (HR)
- fast response to customers changing
The vending mashine system, connected to a network, knows when it needs repairs. As it broadcasts its requirements behind the scenes, the system automatically prioritizes the repairs for the crews in the field.
Core Concepts
Outbound logistics
support activities used
We will ensure our final products effectively reach consumers by:
-leasing or purchasing trucks to deliver our products to desired locations
-properly packaging supplies to ensure safety of products during delivery
-hiring delivery personnel to account for the safe delivery products and proper stocking of vending machines
Procurement to lease or purchase delivery trucks
Technological development to use the most effective safety precautions while delivering products
Human resource management to hire and train truck drivers/delivery and maintenance personnel
Firm infrastructure
Marketing &Sales
support activities used
Macro Env.
We will try to catch the customers attention
and their interest to induce them to buy our products

- market research
- unique vending machine design
- strategic and systematical position of
our vending machines – easy access
- advertising posters in the university
- maybe: distributing advertising flyers
in the university
-immediately replacing/restocking products that correspond with consumer demand

We will satisfy the customers´ changing
needs and wants and support our sales force
- offering different products during the
year: Operational Excellence
- sales promotions
- rapid product innovations
-human resource management to conduct marketing research and actively assess the current needs of prospective consumers
-technological development to deliver with attractive, easy-to-use user interfaces
Firm infrastructure

support activities used
We will maintain the value of our products via service activities by:
-hiring skilled technicians to repair any broken/malfunctioning machinery
-training personnel to properly stock vending machines (product placement, etc.)
-human resource management to hire qualified technicians
-human resource management to effectively train maintenance personnel
-firm infrastructure
Value Chain
Value Proposition
Core Competencies
Competitive Advantage
Operational Excellence
perform internal business activities better than competitors
easier access and purchase than other market choices
never out of stock
improved supply chain management
“hub and soke” system
constantly updated product range
fast process: convenient payment method

student customized product range
more appealing and interesting than the normal vending machine inventory

more convenient and closer then shops and supermarkets
Best at satisfying students´ needs & wants:
constant introduction of new items based on survey and statistics
supply chain management
Porter 5 Forces
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