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Simplot: Bringing Earth's Resources to Life

No description

Shalee Killpack

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Simplot: Bringing Earth's Resources to Life

Simplot: Bringing Earth's Resources to Life Company Profile: Questions? Land & Livestock AgriBusiness Food Group Simplot is committed to natural resource protection,
reclamation, recycling, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Passion for People Simplot supports the well-being of its employees
and their communities.The Company is highly dedicated to
educational partnerships, philanthropy and volunteerism. Spirit of Innovation Simplot places a priority on technological innovation.
The Company infuses this mission in all levels of operations
to improve efficiency, lower costs and
reduce operational impact. Shalee Killpack ADVS 4250 J.R. Simplot "Work harder than anyone else." Respect for Resources Who we are. 4 Continents 14 Countries 10,000 Employees Simplot: Bringing Earth's Resources to Life What we do. How we do it. Intern Week! "We're just getting started." Bill Whitacre
President & CEO The Internship Experience Avocado Enzyme Activity and Color Determination Overview Polyphenoloxidase (PPO) & Peroxidase (POD) Enzymatic activity levels were determined using spectrophotometric methods.
Color determination was conducted using L*a*b* color space readings.
Conducted in an effort to find a positive correlation between pulp color and enzymatic activity levels. Food Group:
Research & Development Microbiology Marketing Sensory Assessment Processing Genetics Analytical Product Development Safety Testing
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