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Zapatista Movement

No description

Cdog Clanton

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Zapatista Movement

The Zapatista Movement
Large landowners in Mexico started taking land from the poor indian farmers. So the indians led a revolt on Mexico's dictator Poriro Diaz. The indians also fought for their stolen land. After they fought their land was given back to them. The goverment admitted that the Chiapas (poor indian farmers) needed more land and money.
Leading figure in Mexican Revolution
Considered to be a national hero
He wanted the Chiapas to get
their land back
The Zapatistas are named after Zapata Emiliano
Later in 1994 3,000 armed Zapatista soldiers freed prisoners from a jail.
The chiapas were not getting paid well for the natural resources
they extracted
Most families only got 250 US dollars a month
Zapatista Movement
Movement named
after him
"Zapatista Army of National Liberalization". Movements.org 6,September 13
Jermyn,Leslie.Mexico.Miliwaki,Wisconson Gareth Stevens Publishing1998
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