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No description

Nancy Torchiano

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Earthquakes-Ariana

What are they?
An Earthquake is a natural disaster caused by the fault line in the earth's surfaces.
It is usually caused by a volcanic eruptions.
Earthquakes happen all around the world
The bigger the fault line the more earthquakes that occur in that area.
A fault line is called plates or fault lines and when they move in different directions it will cause an earthquake!
What to do During an Earthquake:
Effects of Earthquakes:
Depending how bad the earthquake is on a scale of 1-10 usually around 4 or 5 but in California there is a dessert called Death Valley where there is a fault that was caused by a horrible earthquake. (That proves that these things are real!)
Buildings can fall down
People can get hurt
Store any glass in a cabinet and tie the doors closed.
Store away matches and lighters or anything that could cause FIRE!
Have a plan, be prepared and practice before the storm occurs so you can be ready.
Find safe spots so nobody gets hurt or loses their life.
What to do Before an Earthquake:
If you are outside stay away from trees,lights,wires.
If you are inside stay in bed stay under the covers or a table, but if there is glass near, go somewhere else.
If you are in a vehicle, STOP!First see if you are near any wires or lights.If you are then slowly drive away.
If you are near debris cover your mouth with your shirt.
What to do After an Earthquake:
When the shaking stops look around if safe then move.
Stay away from water.
Stay away from houses and damage.
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