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How to Assess/Test for Student Learning

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argentina picasso

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of How to Assess/Test for Student Learning

How to Test & Assess For Student Learning
Test- To find out if students have accomplished objectives
Invalid Reasons for Testing
Passage of time- Units/Lessons should not determine Test

Material Covered-Test should be administered after all material has been covered

Killing Time- length of test should not be determined on how long the class/period is
Formative Test
Is given throughout the lesson/unit, is used to see how to help the students master the content/objectives (usually not graded).
Grading Guides
Students should know how they will be graded.
Tests should correlate with objectives.
Point value
Performance Expected

Wong, H. K., & Wong, R. T. (1998). The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher.
Corrective Activity
After a summative test has been given and the student does not have a understanding of the material they should be given an activity with further explanation of material covered. Then the student should be given another summative test.
How to Assess/Test for Student Learning
Summative Test
Is given at the end of the unit- to see what the students have learned and to grade.
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