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LinkedIn for Job Seekers 2013 - Thomas (Tom) G Meador

Strategies to maximize your LinkedIn profile and build a network

Thomas (Tom) G Meador

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of LinkedIn for Job Seekers 2013 - Thomas (Tom) G Meador

LinkedIn for Job Seekers
Right Management
Norwalk ECMT colleagues
Nov 21, 2013

Presented by
Elizabeth Scarpelli &
Tom Meador

In Transition
What we will cover today:
LinkedIn is the social media skill for your job search that you need now and in the future
You don't have to navigate this time alone - See what others are doing
11 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively
Avoid the Seven Top LinkedIn Mistakes
This an open forum so please ask questions
Remember: LinkedIn is NOT your resume!
About Us:
T: Displaced from Pfizer in 2011 and two subsequent healthcare jobs in 2012-13
LinkedIn is the "Social Media" Platform for your individual professional profile.
Avoid the Seven Top LinkedIn Mistakes
11 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively
Let's Look @ Tom's Profile:

1) Missing Profile Photo
2) Lack of Detailing in Your Profile
3) Ignoring Enhancements
5) Fail to Join Enough Relevant Groups
You can join as many as 50 Groups plus start your own LinkedIn group for free!
6) Overlooking Answers
Once you are part of a Group, engage in
conversation to demonstrate your expertise
4) Not Securing Recommendations
You need 3 recommendations to complete your profile. Suggestion reinforce your key capabilities and soft skills that may not be reflected in a traditional performance review
7) Asking Directly
by Guy Kawasaki
by Sean Nelson
1) Increase your visibility
Add connections
Search results
2) Improve your "connectability"
Fill out your profile like an executive bio
Include a link as part of your e-mail signature
3) Improve your Google Page Rank
Search engines can "index" your name for first page results
You can customize your URL to be your actual name
4) Enhance your website search engine results
Promote links to your website
Set your profile setting to "Full View" and include up to 3 links
5) If you are preparing for an interview, you can find out if someone in your network is a current or past employee
Search for the company name and "follow" its updates
Good way to get more balanced data about promotions and other job opportunities within the company
6) Increase the relevancy of your job search
Faceted search feature can search for people with similar education, charitable organizations, etc...
Increases potential for job opportunity leads
Link to and research companies you are targeting
7) Make your interview go smoother
Find out more about the person(s) you are meeting
Find out about schools, places worked, groups, interests
Demonstrates your ability to use technology
8) Gauge the health of a company
Find recent new hires or departures
Enables you to scrutinize the rate of turnover and whether key people are abandoning ship
9) Build (or actively maintain) a network
You never know when you might need to tap the connections or expertise of your network
When you land, don't neglect your network!
10) Track start ups that may be building an executive team
You can see people in your network who are initiating new start ups
Perform an advanced search for a range of keywords
Set the 'Sort by' filter to 'Relationship' to see those closest to you
11) Ask for advice
LinkedIn Answers allows you to broadcast your business-related questions to both your network and the greater LinkedIn network
Your name and profile will be associated with your answer, so write carefully
Notice the key aspects of my LinkedIn profile...
1) It is set for "Full View"
2) I have clearly-stated my capabilities in my headline.
3) I have 13 Recommendations
4) I list my full name, email account, mobile number and Linked In account. Make it easy for people to find you.
5) My Summary is clearly-written in the first-person
6) Linked In allows you to share your publications, presentations, articles, etc... associated with your professional profile.
7) My experience states my capabilities
8) It doesn't look like a resume because it is so much more!
Thank You!
Now it's time for Q&A

• LinkedIn has 230+ million professionals worldwide, including all Fortune 500 companies. It is the default social network for business professionals.
Why should you use
Join, contribute and participate in the Norwalk Executive Campaign Management Group
You need to "earn" the right to ask for an introduction, to pass along a resume, or to receive a recommendation. Remember the Law of Reciprocity!
E: I have used LinkedIn to reconnect with former colleagues, expand my network within my industry and research target employers.
T: I have utilized LinkedIn to maintain relationships, increase my network and improve my digital footprint.
We have complimentary but different approaches on how we use LinkedIn as Job Seekers based upon our professional goals, expertise, skill set and geographic preferences.
E: Career in Banking and Financial Services at Citibank and GE Capital; in transition since Sept. 2012.
E: Observed that potential employers, recruiters, networking contacts, colleagues, consulting firms and potential clients research your profile via Google and LinkedIn first before contacting you.
T: When I "Googled" my name I discovered that I was a famous art thief during World War II plus...
E: the vast majority of contacts within my network were colleagues within the banking arena from former/current employers.
LinkedIn is utilized on a global basis, allows you to: promote and control your:
, highlight your skills, capabilities, experience, connections, affiliations/groups, volunteer interest, etc.
LinkedIn is your windshield and a view of where you are going. Your resume, CV, and completed education is your rear view mirror and a view of where you have been.
• The network allows you to reach beyond the your geographic area and uncover connections through schools, former places of work, organizations, common interest, etc.
Lou Holtz: "They do not how much you know, until they know how much you care"!
• You can create, facilitate and receive "warm introductions" to potential contacts, uncovering job opportunities, as you expand your network by forwarding/endorsing/ receiving profiles!
Cut the Cord! Don't use an old photo! Have a new one taken.
We have collaborated to share our approach to enhancing and customizing our individual LinkedIn profiles as we have been members since 2007.
E: Focused on Banking and Financial Service firms in the Greater New York area while Tom is expanding his search beyond traditional pharmaceuticals to medical devices, medical services and healthcare in the United States.
Our goal is to share learnings from our own search experience and brainstorm best practices to optimize your LinkedIn profile.
We'd ask that we focus on the overall look and feel of the LinkedIn profile not the mechanics of using LinkedIn. Right Management offers a host of webinars how to modify your LinkedIn Profile.
We are excited to facilitate this discussion, share our perspective, welcome a robust discussion, outline follow up as a group.
...Plus I was killed at Custer's Last Stand...
Your resume/CV/professional training and education represents what you have achieved.
Your LinkedIn profile compliments your resume/CV and represents where you want to go in the future!
i.e. Add Skills, publications, presentations, etc...
1. What year did you join LinkedIn, 2007, 2008, etc?
2. Name one change you will make to your LinkedIn Profile by the next Norwalk ECMT?
3. What major topics should we workshop at the next Norwalk ECMT?
a. Volunteers?

Tip: 120 Characters with spaces and vertical pipes, use key words to reflect your capabilities, not former titles
Tip: 2,000 Character Limit and written in the first person. CT Department of Labor can assist you with your LI account and resume, contacts to follow.
Tip: 200 minimum and 2000 maximum character limit.
BUT - You need to have synergy and consistency between what is on your resume and what is on your LinkedIn profile, because recruiters will be looking at both!
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