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Evolution of Magazines

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popo nepo

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Evolution of Magazines

Evolution of Magazines
Name “magazine” appeared in the year 1731 with the occurrence of the Gentleman’s Magazine.
The name magazine, which comes from the Arabic word which means the warehouse, and was used for describing the place which deposits large quantity of various goods, while the analogy used to describe a book that contained many useful information for travelers and sailors.

The success of the magazine was great,
but the costs of every issue were even higher.
Printing cost was high
it was difficult to move large quantities of magazines at great distances
First ad pages
19th century readers were not only the rich ones
magazines became available to the middle class.
This was the beginning for the first family magazines, such as, Dickens Household Words.
During the 19th century, there were attempts to cut the price of the magazines.
At this time the first ads appeared, but not much because the ads were loaded with special tax, all up to 1853.

After the overrule of the tax,
ads did not increase since many publishers did not want this type of income
Rise of the magazines
Full color print and photo-journalism
Briton Hadden has influenced popular culture in such a peculiar way
he changed the patterns of thinking and behavior of people in the 20th century.
Unfortunately, he died very young, aged 30
his partner Henry Luce continued development of Time magazine, and become the biggest media sensation in the next few decades.

Evolution of the magazines
In Germany in 1959 legendary magazine Twen was released.
Twen was a provocative magazine for a younger audience,
It had some erotic photos and intelligent articles.
Its editors wanted to attract new younger generation, who wanted something different from their parents
It was a success
Is Print dieing?
Some have predicted the death of the magazines
but neither newspapers died, and neither will the magazines.
There will still be printed magazines

IPad is a great tool
Magazines shape our lives
William Randolph Hearst appeared as one of the most important icons in the world of publishing in the early 20th century.
He was the owner of several newspapers across America
he always had battles for readers with his mentor, Joseph Pulitzer. During the Cuban War for Independence
Hearst and Pulitzer published in their newspapers images of tortured and starving Cuban troops.
Hearst went bigger to magazine publishing starting with the famous Good Housekeeping, National Geographic and Harper’s Bazaar.
Some other important Magazine publications started appearing such as Conde Nast’s Vogue, Vanity Fair and news magazine Time, whose starter Henry Luce is still considered the most influential publisher in history.

Even though Henry Luce launched Time Magazine, he was not a visionary and he did not guide the magazine.
He actually stole the idea for the first political weekly from his colleague at Yale, Britton Hadden.

Hadden was responsible for creating the concept of the political news magazine,
He the formed personality of the magazine,
gained loyal readers,
Made the company rich.
The world's first magazine
Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen (translation: Edifying Monthly Discussions) Was published in Germany.
First publication, which could be called a magazine, was the German Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen, released in the year 1663. It was a literary and philosophical edition and after it was launched several periodicals with very similar topics were published, and were intended for an intellectual audience.

It did not have a lot of different topics in it
it was mainly written by one author.
A Magazine similar to today’s ones appeared in the year 1672, when French author Jean Donneau de Vize created Le Mercure Galant.
It combines topics from court events,
theater and literature, and this magazine concept was copied throughout Europe.
The first women’s magazine, Ladie’s Mercury, was launched in London in the year 1693.
First business magazine,
Time magazine,
considered revolutionary because of its print quality
Life magazine
Made since 1939 and has been given credit to reporting of news
Helene Gordon Lazareff published one of the most important women’s magazines, French Elle.
One of the most iconic American magazines is Good Housekeeping
It is more than a 100 years old.
The most famous scientific magazine is National Geographic Magazine is
This is one of the oldest in the world, starting from 1889
Henry Luce publishes Time magazine
One of the most important political Publications.
In the late 19th century and with the invention of the rotary press,
the number of printed copies increased, and the price of the issue went down.
therefore we entered the development of the magazines as one of the world’s leading media.

With technology getting better
and increasing uses of images
magazines started becoming increasingly attractive to advertisers.
The first advertising agency was established in 1890 and from that point on advertising started to flourish.
Briton Hadden
Henry Luce
during the development of Time, Fortune magazine was published, which originated from Time business pages.
Fortune was considered the best and most influential American magazine.
Fortune is known for being the first high-quality printed magazine, with pages in full color.

Fortune also invented photo-journalism,
Made Life magazine famous
However, due to increasing costs of printing the Fortune starts to lose money, and in the 1948 is redesigned,
both in graphics and in journalistic terms
becomes an ordinary business magazine.

A new kind of magazine,
celebrity magazine.
The first issue of 'People' was out in 1974.
Since then this kind of magazines has been the most selling one.
Those years brought a boom of women’s magazines.
'Cosmopolitan' was gaining a lot of popularity
Cosmopolitan is one of the best-selling women’s magazines in the history.

On the other side there were fashion magazines. The most famous of them are Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

More and more publications appear on newsstands, but also many of them disappear
In 2004 Nicole Kidman graced one of the most beautiful Vogue covers.
published in 1886 as a family magazine,
it was the 60′s that made Cosmopolitan famous.
Cosmopolitan focused on younger woman and talked openly about sexuality.
This model stayed on till today,
making Cosmopolitan one of the best-selling women’s magazines.

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