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How TO Survive in the Sam Houston National Forest

This forest is national and we are going to tell you about it .it has wild animals and I don't like it .

Tierra Oaks

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of How TO Survive in the Sam Houston National Forest

This is Sam Houston's National Forest This is Important information about Sam Houston's National Forest The Sam Houston National Forest is drained through serval small creeks into the east and west forks of the sam jancinto river, and a small portion drains into lake Livingston. hunting of white -tailed deer,feral hog, water fowl , dove ,other migratory game birds ,squirrel, quails ,rabbits ,hares,predictors furbearers and frogs permitted . it is approximated 675,00acres of publicland in Texas it is divided in 4 national forest including Sam Houston National forest . keep fear at a bay but you have to take a bath in it !. don't drown get in shallow water make sure Drinking water clean.there is water under plants where the roots are.if it gets very cold in the night then do exercise to stay warm. you need to know how to make an fire in the forest you have plenty fire woods . you need to make a shelter leaves , and sticks and stones and everything else you need a lot of wood . Sam Houston national forest it takes up two national grasslands in Texas you can get clean water from creeks and rivers and streams. you can purify water in the wilderness by finding a metal can and put it in the sun and it will become clean. you can make a fire with two sticks and rub them
together or with your glasses not (sunglasses). THE White Tailed deer the white tailed deer is one of Sam Houston's most known animal at the national forest How to purify your water
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