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Cell Organelle Simile

No description

Jack Beaver

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Cell Organelle Simile

America Simile
The Nucleus is like Obama Because both Obama and the nucleus control the cell/America.
Cytoplasms like the government and how they hold everything together literally in the cell and figuratively in America.
Cell Membrane
The Cell Membrane is like import export services and how they say what comes in and out.
The Mitochondria is like a power plant. They both give energy to the cell/America.
Cell Wall
The Cell Wall is like the National Guard and how they protect the cell/America from dangers.
The cell is being compared to America
The Vacuole is like a waste plant because they dispose of waste.
Ribosomes are like solar panels. They use the power of the sun to do certain jobs.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
They are like power lines and how they send energy created by the power plant all over the place.
The Nucleolus is like congress. They help to control the country as well.
The Lysosome is like a dump they get rid of waste and trash that we don't need.
Golgi Body
The Golgi Body is like the U.S.A Mail. It packages and ships out messages.
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