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Charles Littlefair

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Creativity

Social Media is at the forefront of a lot of companies marketing and advertising plans. These businesses are looking for ways to make there pages different from each others and this should be followed by you as well.
What way in which do you think you can make your pages and profiles more creative for possible employers?
What to take away from today ....
In pairs create a list of times when you have been creative and how you are creative.
Now write a list of ways in which you would want to be more creative.
Benefits of Being Creative
Getz & Lubart (2009) highlight for an individual there are both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits these;
Extrinsic - recognition from peers, finanical gains and career gains.
Intrinsic - satisfaction of your own work, feeling of accomplishment, increase self confidence in your own ability.
Improving on Your Creativity
Mauzy (2006) states that there are 4 elements included in developing creativity;

1. Understand the process of creative thinking.
2. Identifying block of creative thinking and the skills individuals can use, and manager can foster, to increase creative responses.
3. Using methods to get fresher ideas and solutions more often.
4. Allowing a personal creative drive and lifelong creative vision, that will help individuals, including managers to achieve their personal and professional goals

Group Activity 1
Think of a time when you have disagreed with a group members suggestion, at university.
Creativity Theories
Gobara (2011) states that academic theories tend to emphasize the development of expertise and concludes with creativity is not common across all areas/subjects.
Making yourself Creative
Interview Activity
Bibliography Continued
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Available at the front are in depth audit you can take away if you want to further your creativity skills.
What is Creativity
Furthermore, creativity is essential for innovation. Innovation is necessary to organizational or individual survival and success. (
Pornpun & Pharpuke 2010)

Hand Out
Perform to class as an example
Being Creative When Applying for a Job
Being a Creative With Assessments
Mayer (1983) defines creativity as a 'cognitive process that results in novel solutions for a problem' i.e. generating new ideas for a given situation.
Our definition of 'Creativity
Creativity will mean the ability to come up with unique responses to situations and to have the incite to recognize and adopt useful new approaches. creativity is not just about having new ideas oneself, but also having the ability to recognize and encourage good ideas coming from other people' (Pedler et al. 2007 p.24)
Approaches to Creativity
Creative Thinking
Basic Definition : “The ability to produce work that is novel (i.e. original, unexpected), high in quality, and appropriate (i.e. useful, meets task constraints) (Sternberg, Kaufman & Pretz 2002)
Creativity involves the ability produce original ideas and to perceive new relationships among unrelated things. (Sarsani 2005)
In pairs create your own definition of creativity using these and your own from the previous activity (using the key words).
Being Creative Through Social Media and The Internet

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To include in your LinkedIn;
Lists of groups you belong to
Memberships or affiliations you have
Honors and awards you have received
Professional interests.
Presentations for others to view
Website links to other parts of your professional identity
Session Outline
Being Creative in Your Personal Life
Sternberg & Lubart (1995) have identified a number of creative approaches and the following best relate to the session, these are;
Dealing with situations that require creativity practically instead of using theoretical considerations
Creativity arises from the tension between conscious reality and unconscious drivers
Social - Personally Approach
Focus is on personality variables, motivational variables and the sociocultural environment as sources of creativity
Sternberg & Lubart identify many recent authors’ work on creativity and hypothesize that multiple factors must converge
Programmed Thinking;
- Programmed thinking relies on logical and structured ways of influencing an individual’s creative side (Manktelow 2005 )
- Morphological Analysis and using the Reframing Matrix are examples of how programmed thinking can be carried out

Lateral Thinking (Pragmatic Approach)

Lateral thinking focuses on identifying ways to handle information effectively (De Bono, 1990)
* Brainstorming is a prime example of lateral thinking whereby a multitude of ideas about a specific problem are written down the most appropriate are selected
* Random Input moves the individual outside of their thinking patterns so that new and creative ideas can be formed (De Bono, 1992; Mind Tools, 2013
* Provocation is a lateral thinking technique that is used to disrupt established patterns of thinking by giving the individual a ‘fresh place’ to start (Mind Tools, 2013)
Facebook Screen Shot 2
Facebook Screen Shot 1
Think of a time where you have been creative with an assessment at uni......
Do you have any examples of your own when you have applied for a job.....
Test and Refine
Creativity is the ability to create or recognize original, high quality ideas or work, in a given domain.
7 Steps to Boost Creativity

Adapted from K Cheery
1. Commit Yourself to Developing Your Creativity
2. Become an Expert
3. Realise that creativity is its own reward
4. Be Willing To Take Risk To Be Different
5. Brainstorm to Inspire New Ideas
6. Realize most problems have solutions
Packaging Yourself
Getting that Job
Looking back can you think of experiences you've had where you have been creative
Mauzey (2006) understands personal creativity as the ability of an individual to create new, relevant ideas and perspectives.
Ray (1987) makes four assumptions that;
1. Creativity is essential for health, happiness and success in any life career or goal.
2. Creativity is within everyone
3. Although creativity is with everyone, few of us express it often, because it is blocked by fear, judgement and the chattering of the mind.
4. Despite these blockages which virtually everyone has to greater or lesser degrees, it is possible to open people to their personal creativity in life or business by allowing them to consistently experience it .
Improving Creativity Activity
'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
This Activity is developed from the tv show 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'. We are going to give each group a random object. We want you come up with a new use or a way of changing the object to make it better.
Adapted from P. Sugget (n.d.)
If you were available to buy in your local shop or supermarket;

• What would the packaging look like?
• What would your logo be like?
• What would your catchy product title be?
• What would it say on the box?

In teams think creatively about objects and there other uses.
Define and explain creativity
Relate creativity to different areas. (Career, Academic and Personal)
Using activities improve creativity.
Be able to go away knowing current level of creativity and also know how to further improve this level after the session.
Creative Writing
Keep interest
Bullet points
Draw reader in
Mixture of
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