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30 Days: Immigration

No description

Annie Li

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of 30 Days: Immigration

(2007) produced by Ben Silverman, Morgan Spurlock, R.J.Cutler, & H.T. Owens
Minute Men
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Frank George
Gonzalez family
Green Card
1. No Identifications (Papers)

2. Share Apartment

3. Work as a Day laborer

30 days in illegal immigrant home


Cuban Immigrant

7 years old immigrated (LEGALLY)

Dedicated to no immigrants

“bring dissolution of this country”

5 children, 3 undocumented, 2 US born citizens

1- bedroom apartment

Came from small town in Central Mexico

Illegal Legal
- Rigoberto - Ricardo
- Paty - Karina
- Armida
- Sebastion
- Alba

25,000 green cards per country per year

varied populations

Countries of large populations= longer wait

Frank George, a minute men, joins a family of illegal immigrants with:
-grants permanent legal status & the ability to work
Frank George
Gonzalez family:

30 Days: Immigration
$11.2 billion state & local taxes (2012)

$1.2 billion income taxes

$1.6 billion property taxes

$8.4 billion in consumption taxes

Social security


Population= 11.5 million

396,906 people deported in fiscal 2011

1.2 million deported during Obama's 3-year administration

1.6 million deported during Bush's 8-year administration (Vargas)
Undocumented immigrants
Immigration Plans in the past 4 years
Do you think you have a solution to illegal immigration and undocumented workers?
There are four comprehensive plans to deal with undocumented immigration to the United States
We are going to explore 4 plans that have made national headlines
The Dream Act
Bipartisan: Orrin Hatch (R, Utah) and Dick Durban (D, Illinois)

To qualify:
Enter the US before age 16, live in the US for minimum of 5 years
Younger than 35
Graduate from High School or Equivalent
Good moral character

What happens:
Enroll in a bachelors program or enlist in the military and complete option within 6 years
At 5.5 years, student can begin application for Legal Permanent Residency

Temporary Workers Card
Newt Gingrich’s (R) idea leading into the 2012 elections

“We are not going to deport 11 million people. There has to be some zone between deportation and amnesty”

Create a guest worker program with a time limit

For families here and future generations

Swipe cards to verify works status

Workers return home after their time limit expires and are granted the ability to apply to citizenship

Obama’s Plan
Part of a larger proposal to reform immigration as a whole

Border Enforcement
Increase border patrol numbers
Unmanned aircraft
Work with law enforcement to dismantle criminal organizations

Create a provisional legal status (A green card for a green card)
Submit to background checks, pay fine
Ineligible for federal benefits
Go to back of the green card line
Execute the Dream Act
For others, live in legal provisional status until green card is approved, then commencing the typical transition from green card to citizen

Fund Infrastructure development in Mexico

Newt Gingrich has suggested his Temporary Worker Card proposal could be coupled with the DREAM act to create a viable, illegal immigration solution. Do you agree?
Specific to illegal immigration

Skills based entry
Expand the H1-B visa from 65,000 to 110,000
Create two new visas:
Low-Skilled Workers Visa
Agriculture Migrant Worker Visa
Control employment of illegal immigrants by not granting visas to live in cities with high unemployment

Secure border with military precision
Fence, Electronic Border Awareness, 90% Apprehension rate, Visa exit registration

All current undocumented workers must submit to background checks, biometrics, pay a $2000 fine, pass English and American Civics tests, prove employment, and then pay taxes for 10 years before they are given a spot in the back of the green card line after 10 years

Deport criminals before they make it into our jails

Marco Rubio’s (R, Florida)Bill
What are the differences between Obama and Rubio’s plans? What do you like/dislike?

Jose Antonio Vargas
Knowing this, do you have new ideas about a solution to illegal immigration and undocumented workers?
Patrol border
Report directly to US Border Patrol
Have arms
After 9/11

Rigoberto (Father)
Day laborer
15,000 a year (36,030 a year US DOH)
“Doing work that they don’t want to do in US”

Paty (Mother)
Goes to the Recycling Center every week and recycles used plastic goods for approximately 5 dollars

She has saved 49 dollars since January for Christmas presents for her children

3.8 GPA High School

Hopes to get college education

Hopes to be admitted to Princeton or Santa Clara University

Applied for Full-Scholarship

“Pilgrims came here as immigrants too”

Troubles in Mexico
Paty lost her parents last year, she wanted to just fly back to Mexico and say her farewells but cannot because of her situation

Rigoberto’s House in Mexico was just one room with partial tile roofing, water was from a un-treated well

In the End
No scholarship
Attending local college because of financial reasons

Doesn’t patrol border but remains a minutemen
Appeals to politicians
Views change a little

Kevin Koo
Kevin Dang
Matthew Lower
Ai Huan Li (Annie)
Data 1
Film Analysis
Undocumented Students at CUNY (Article 26)
Film Review
Thank You!
over 60,000 undocumented students graduate HS every yr

migrated to US at a very young age

only 5-10% make it to college

no financial aid nor scholarship

higher tuition fee due to non-residency

Imperfection in the Dream Act

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