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European's were not justified in colonizing North America

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Jarod Chrona

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of European's were not justified in colonizing North America

Fur trade harmed the land
The First Nations and later africans made into slaves
sight lines grade 9 textbook
The Europeans thought North America was uncivilized
the fur trade changed aboriginal beliefs about their bond with the land and animals. they were killing too many animals because the europeans wanted more furs so the natives hunted more animals knowing it would give them more weapons and ammunition and tools, but when they did this it caused the hunted animals numbers to be lowered and some were hunted out completely. there was less ans less beavers because the beavers were there main source of currency and the beaver population was nearly decimated
There was a lack of economic development from how the Natives distributed animals around their tribe, the europeans thought this was barbaric. The natives had differences in the religions, although they both believed in a single god the natives did things that the europeans thought were wrong and should be changed. the natives and europeans had different standards of dress and ornamentation. Since the europeans were much more advanced they had full clothing whereas the natives could be naked and the europeans didn't like it so they wanted to change it. the europeans thought this was uncivilized whereas the natives probably thought the europeans were uncivilized.
First Nations numbers started to die off from forced exploitation and careless murder, because of this the First Nations numbers started decreasing their numbers immensely. Disease spread throughout the area they were kept, smallpox, typhus, influenza, diphtheria and measles spread through the area like wildfire killing up to 95%. then the africans were brought into Canada and it started the triangle trade, 12,000,000 african people were brought to Canada. slavery killed 10-20 million people in Canada.
European's were not justified in colonizing North America
North America was not there land
The europeans expected the natives to simply "make way" for them, the europeans didn't want to kill anyone but the naves were thought to have no rights. they took people back to there country took chiefs and other people back to there country, so they basically kidnapped many people from there land. the europeans took land for themselves for example they claimed and named a hill and called it theirs, they were stealing land. the land wasn't there's to take.
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