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The Earth: water, air and rocks.

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Transcript of The Earth: water, air and rocks.

Water, air
and rocks
on Earth

Water is found
in many places in
and around the Earth.
It is found in three states: solid,
liquid and gas.

Air is
found in the

Rocks make up the solid part of the Earth.
They are made of different minerals. They are not living-things.
The Earth is made
up of different layers:
- crust
- mantle
- core (outer and
inner core)
The crust is

and it is where the soil is. The soil is made up of particles of rocks and minerals, water, air and humus.
of the atmosphere:
- It has the oxygen that we need to breathe.
Atmospheric phenomena:
- precipitation.
- wind.
- storms.
- Precipitation: rain and snow.
The mantle is made up of rocks and it is
The outer core is
and it is made up of lava.
The inner core is
and it is made up of rocks (iron and nickel).
Water can be saltwater
or freshwater.
Most of the
water on Earth is saltwater, for example oceans and seas.
Only a little
of the water is freshwater. You can find it in rivers,
lakes, icecaps and groundwater.
All living things need water and air to live.
Air is a mixture of different gases, but it consists mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.
The atmosphere surrounds the Earth and it is an enormous layer of gases.
- It filters the Sun's rays.
- Wind: the movement of air.
- Storms: that have rain, wind, thunder and lightning.
The Earth has
three parts:
water, air and land.
Everything is
made of
Matter is always
in one of
three states:
, that
always keep their shape. Rocks
and metals are solids.
, that do not
have a shape. Their shape depends on the container they are in. Water and perfume are liquids.
, that do not have shape either. Their shape also depends on the container they are in. Air is a gas.
, that
covers most of the Earth. It is called the
, that surrounds the Earth. It is called the
Dry land
, that is the part above the water (continents and islands).
Minerals from the Earth are used to make lots of everyday things.
Without minerals, there wouldn't be cars or computers. You couldn't brush your teeth because there would be no toothpaste!
As a summary.
The Earth is made up of 4 different spheres that work together.
There is always the same amount of water on Earth. Water only changes its state and place. This is known as the
water cycle
There are
three different types of rocks:
- igneous.
- metamorphic.
Sometimes, we can see saltwater and freshwater separately before mixing together.
is the solid part of the Earth. It includes rocks and minerals.
is all the water found on, under, and over the surface of the Earth.
is all the live on Earth.
includes all the gases that surround the Earth.
The precipitation can comes in different forms depending on the temperature of the atmosphere.
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