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Ethical Issues in Biometric Identifications

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rwan saad

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Ethical Issues in Biometric Identifications

Ethical Issues in Biometric Identifications
Author Info
what is Biometric Identifications ?
-is a general term for technologies that permit matches between a “live” digital image of a part of the body and a previously recorded image of the same part.

- Introduction to the research.
- The author's information.
- What is Biometric Identification?
- Ethical issues rising caused by Biometric Identification.
- The author's opinion and thoughts.
- Our analysis and recommendations for future researchers.
Title: "Ethical Issues in Biometric Identification".
the research has covered the following topics:
What is Biometric Identification?
Ethical issues rising caused by Biometric Identification.
Author's analysis & recommendation.

Author: Anton Alterman.
location: Netherlands.
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Date: 2003.

Ethical Issues Rising Caused by Biometric Identification
-the idea that biometric technology raises significant privacy issues.
+ threats to one’s person.
+ the use of biometric id’s to collect and collate data for purposes not intended or desired by the individual user.
+ unauthorized access to personal information that expose the person to threats, theft, abuse, embarrassment.

The Author's Opinion and Thoughts
the author believes and defends the thought that biometric identification is threatening to ones privacy and safety.
Our Opinion and Recommendation

- getting access to biometric imaging in courts should only be for severe criminal acts.
-There should be severe penalties for theft or unauthorized use of biometric data, and for negligence in protecting its security.

rwan alghamdi 201000915
sumauah alhawaj 201001325
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