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Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative

Marketing 4000

Lucinda Winter

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative

Mountain Dew: Blake Wilkinson
Tiffany Jacobs
Lucinda Winter
Sara Mock Mountain Dew Brand
History Do the Dew Communications Strategy The New Creative 2000 Planning Concerns Current Advertising Bright yellow-green drink in a green bottle with a powerful citrus flavor

Invented in Tennessee in the late 1940s

Purchased by PepsiCo in 1964
'Flavor' CSD
Pepsi was a category captain 1992: Diet Mountain Dew
'Done That' with the "Dew Dudes"
1994 and 1995: Three pool-out ads
1995: Different creative ads
1998: Predictable, oversaturated
1999: Alternative expression How to keep the "Do the Dew" campaign relevant

How to respond to the growing threat of non-CSDs

Gatekeeper concerns Male teens – 18-year-old epicenter Super Bowl advertising Selecting New Creative Ogilvy & Mathers BBDO New York 1970s: "Hello Sunshine"
1980s: "Country Cool"
1990s: "Get Vertical" Symbolize that drinking Mountain Dew is an exhilarating experience Target: Ten new ad concepts
Three ads were produced, top two would run during the Super Bowl Recommendations Commercials using sex appeal "Go Green"
Campaign Continue Celebrity
spokesperson Sponsorships Move some budget to Amp to compete with Red Bull 3rd ranked CSD by 1999

Dominated rural areas and had fierce brand loyalty Throwback Mountain Dew DEWmocracy DEWeezy Dew XP
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