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UoP Game Presentation

Week Three learning team 15-20 Minute learning team presentation.

Adam Atkins

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of UoP Game Presentation

Basic Game Idea Entry to Pro level gamer Action Role Playing Game Objectives & Rules of Engagement

Battle On-The-Go
Plat Forming
Interface Action RPG
Player chosen avatar (Buddy)
Player customizable Buddy
Buddy represents you on battlefield
Battle While Walking Around Your Home Town
Win Battles to Gain Leaderboard Ranking & New Abilities
Fight Vendor Bosses' to acquire discounts Train buddies to gain a "ready for battle" status
Battle other players to gain battle ranks
Catch Wild buddies in the Real World Random Encounters
Battling will help player level up Battle Buddies, winning earns more experience.

1 vs. 1 Battles
One Battle at a time
Eight rounds per Battle (one to two minutes)
Four moves each
Best two out of three Option to flag player for Wild Buddy or Challenger Battles
Overlays information to Google's Project Glass While in a Battle
Voice Accepts Challenges and Commands Attacks
HUD lists Abilities, HP and Status effects

Wild Buddy Encounters
Fight Non-Player Character Buddies
Round goes until either Buddy is defeated
Defeated Wild Buddy can evolve the Player's Buddy abilities or unlock new animals!

Challenger Battles
Turn based Challenge-ee goes first
Join sponsored tournaments via smartphone application
Player notified of challenge VIA Project Glass overlay Evolve Your Battle Buddy! Animal Buddies:
Giraffes Bad-Ass Buddies:
'Merican Eagle
Honey Badger
Panda Ultra Buddies:
Sting Ray
Killer Whale
Chimera Local Battles 1 v 1
Battle Wild buddies in random encounters while on-the-go
Fight against Random Human Flagged Challengers

Virtual Battles
Storefront battle grounds - Fight Starbucks Mermaid for $$$ off coffee
Sponsored Tournaments
Wi-Fi Network (Arena setting)
Epic Global Battles (Internet- Multiple Buddies) Settings & Characters Battle Buddies Audience & Skill Everyone CHALLENGER
Adam's Buddy - Tiger Shark
Health: 58/67 PLAYER
Clint's Buddy - Rockey the Chi-wow-a
Health: 60/67 Platform & Rational Chose your Attack!
Annoying Bark
Ankle Bite
Stinky Puddle Rockey the Chi-wow-a Urinates on Tiger Shark! Tiger Shark is POISONED(-2HP)! Free Version vs. Paid Version Free-To-Play Player Interface Basic Battle Buddy Customization:
Patterns (Stripes, spots, highlights) Wild Buddy Encounters:
Restricted to Animal and Bad-ass Wild Buddy
Reduce Frequency
Can't Absorb Wild Buddy Abilities When Victorious Displays Ads While Battling Paid Version of Battle Buddies Advance Buddy Customization Expansion:
Color Pallet
Pattern Choices
Extreme Size Differences (Micro to Gargantuan) No Advertisements during battles Wild Buddy Encounters:
Unlocks Encounters Against Ultra Wild Buddies!
Modify Your Battle Buddy With Defeated
Wild Buddy Abilities!
Climb The Epic Global Battle Leaderboards! Three Levels of Battle Buddies! Micro Transactions Add Flair to your Battle Buddy Crazy Hats Shoes Capes Theme Music Skins Firework Show Enhanced Colors and Patterns Bling Sunglasses Special Moves Taunts Opponent Ability Scanners Bobble Head Mode Challenge Battles:
Limit Amount of Daily Battles
Cannot Enter Epic Global Battles
Not Ranked in Leaderboards Challenger Battles:
Unlimited Challenges
Ranked in Leaderboards
Enter Epic Global Battles Other Features:
Fight Vendor Bosses for Discounts
Flair Auction House
Insider Information Weapon Customization Why Project Glass and the Smartphone Platform? Underlying Technology Project Glass Augmented Reality
Stage for Battles
Displays Flagged Challengers Application Allows Manual Functionality
Customization Menus
EGB Lobby Two modes of play Participate in Real World Battles With Your Customized Battle Buddy Objectives: Rules: Listed are a few samples: ?
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