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No description

Maria Lachica

on 15 April 2013

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EARLY YEARS(In Canada) HOWLAND'S CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GOVERNMENT By: Maria Lachica After Howland and his family moved to Carleton Island along the shore of the St. Lawrence River because his father had commercial interests, around 1834 he grew older and then moved to Upper Canada with his brother to pursue their own jobs. They first lived in Cookstown, near York together, (Toronto/Mississauga area) where they had started to work for business (clerking and sorting mail in the wholesale groceries business). They then ended up purchasing the whole store after contributing such great work.

William founded a saw and flour-mill industry, named Lambton Mills by 1844 after he left him and his brother’s store. He was very successful in his mill industry that by the late 1850’s William was one of the “wealthiest millers in Upper Canada”. He developed his commercial interests throughout the 1840’s and after making a lot of money as an entrepreneur; he started to take more active roles in public affairs.
(There wasn't much information about his childhood......) PEARCE wassup home dawgs i'm a father
of confederation my beard > yours learn about me and my life yo WILLIAM PEARCE HOWLAND dats my name
dont wear it out FAMILY BACKROUND: signature: FULL NAME: William Pearce Howland
OTHER TITLES: Known as one of the only Fathers of Confederation born in the United States |Lieutenant Governor of Canada| Minister of Finance| Receiver General
SEX: Male
D.O.B: May 29th, 1811 in Paulings, NY, USA.
DEATH: January 1st, 1907 in Toronto, Canada I.D In his immediate family, Howland was the second born son of Johnathan Howland and Lydia Pearce. He was raised in Paulings, NY (his family backround is American). But in 1830, his family moved to Carleton Island along the shore of the St. Lawrence River where his father had commercial interests. He then moved to Upper Canada with his brother to pursue their own business and find work.

hi INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT HOWLAND'S PERSONAL LIFE Howland had several children over the course of three marriages. He first married Marianne Blyth, who died in 1860. After she passed, Howland married Susanna Julia Shrewsbury, who died in 1886. He had two children with her that later became mayors of Toronto (William Holmes Howland and Oliver Aiken Howland). She died in 1886. Lastly, he married Elizabeth Mary Rattray and was with her until the day he passed. wow! In 1857 he was finally elected to the Canadian Legislative Assembly representing York West that promised to “reform the government”, which is what he always thought was best. Sir William was a part of Brown’s and Cartier’s newly formed separate liberal majority government which lasted a short two days. Then after he was re-elected as York west representative in the election of 1861, he was appointed to the executive council under the conservatives. During the coalition government, he was appointed to minister of finance for about a year, and then to receiver general for about another year and then to Postmaster General until the government resigned in 1864. Who IS William Pearce Howland? and
why is he so important? HOWLAND'S CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE CONFEDERATION DEBATE In the year of 1867 (when confederation happened) Howland participated in a London Conference representing York West in the Canadian House of Commons. Howland had a suggestion to block out the power of the senate by the provinces only appointing then for a fixed term, but not a lot of governors backed him up. He then added Imperial honours to his achievements because he was added to the “Privy Council” and made friends with the “Most Honourable Order of the Batch”. Then once again he was appointed another position; Minister of Inland Revenue, but retired after the first session. From 1868 to 1873 he was the lieutenant-governor of Ontario. This job granted him many responsibilities to participate in the building of the foundation of Ontario. Howland finally retired from politics and the government in 1873 after serving Canada whole-heartedly. William ended up going back to his business in Toronto, where he died. Now I know who William Pearce Howland is! he's a pretty cool guy don'tchya think? bye now! (give maria an A+ pls and thanks)
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