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danyal henry

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of danyal henry

506 human rights
danyal henry
you and everyone has a education. no matter who you are you have the right to this. your just like everyone else no matter what. you have a right to be smart and get a good education. you are smart in every way.
article 26 how i see it
We all are the same no matter what. you all are powerful in your own way. you should have every right to an eduction is important. you should be lucky you have school most kids do nt and live in poverty
article 5 what it mean to me
article 5 means to me that you should feel alive and never be sacred or afraid. you have to listen to the goverment. you shouldnt be afraid of anyone or anything.these laws are very good they protect you.

article 5

in my opinion article 5 mens to me there should be no turture. there should be no bullying of any kind. eneryone has to follow these rights because its the law. you should be protected
Article 26
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