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No description

Gustavo Guzman

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Videogame

Introduction Scenario 1: Bryan and Wayne are two friends who decide to go together to the university; they are living on campus on their first year. Both are gamers and since they were living on there, they met many friends who share the same interests. They heard about a new game that is going to be released along with a new console and decide to save money so they can buy it. Unfortunately, it brings more problems in their interpersonal relations than the entertainment that they get from it. After all the situations that they experimented, they find the solution in a non-very convenient situation. Physical Bryan and Wayne are two friends who are moving to their new apartment in the University of Texas at El Paso. They decide to move together because they are friends since elementary school and share almost everything; they like the same kind of music, food, and they are interested in the same career, but the thing that they share the most is playing video games. They started to play video games since they met each other. The first console that share was the super Nintendo and since that, their pleasure for video games is going increasing more and more. When the classes start, they join into a gamers association and make new friends, and start to hear a lot of a new console the “NEO FANCIFUL” that will be released on December 21, and it includes the new videogame FIFA 13. In order to collect the money needed for it, they decide to reduce their expenses to the minimum. The weeks pass, and the day of the released finally arrives and because of their effort, they get the videogame in the same day of the release. Playing all day long, they become addicted to it in the first days, but the only problem is that because it is an online game it only allows one person to play at time they have to take turns and sometimes it becomes a problem for them. Because of the problems that the couple faced, they decided to make a schedule so they will know who is going to play when, and agree if they want to change some days and hours if both agree. Emotional After making the schedule to solve the problem, they introduce it to their friends, Neil, Sarah, Patrick who start playing the game. Neil, Sarah, Patrick also buy the NEO FANCIFUL and the FIFA that includes an online pass so they can play with gamers around the world. During the following weeks playing FIFA, Neil and Sarah post a rage comic making fun of Bryan and Wayne living together and playing FIFA all day. Neil and Sarah upload the rage comic in imgur.com and post it in 9gag.com and provide a link in the official FIFA chat page, Bryan sees the rage comic and tells Wayne about. Bryan and Wayne are angry about it and decide to make their own rage comic depicting Neil and Sarah. They post the rage comic to imgur.com and upload it on 9gag.com; they also share it in the official FIFA chat page and on Facebook as well. Patrick, who is six-foot— six-inches tall and weighs two hundred and forty pounds, trains the intramural football team at the college, and it is dating Sarah, becomes very angry and sends both an email, threatening to beat up them if they do not remove the rage comic and apologize with Sarah. Both become very scary when they read the email and try to find a solution; first, they cannot face with Patrick because even though they are two and they do not have a chance to win. Another possible solution will be ignore the email and face the consequences. But none of them is going to help them to get a productive solution so they decide to talk about it with one of their closes friends Charles and ask him for an advice to solve this situation, Charles help them kindly and explain it on both sides perspectives so they can make a decision that help everybody. Finally, they decide to remove the rage comic, but do not apologize with Neil and Sarah if they do not do it first because of their proud. Circumstantial During the course of the problem between Neil, Sarah, Bryan and Wayne, Patrick gets into a car accident with his little brother. Patrick injuries his right arm and only needs a minor surgery and physical rehabilitation, but his brother was knocked unconsciousness and is in the hospital recovering from the back injury received from the car accident. Since everybody knew about the accident, they decide to go to the hospital by their own, but they never counts that they are going to meet each other there. When they see each other they could not avoid starting arguing about the problem in the middle of the hallway outside of Patrick’s’ brother’s room. When he hears them, ask to his brother to let them go inside his room and ask them why they were arguing about. They tell the problem to Patrick’s brother while he listens carefully about it, when they finish, he sigh deeply and ask them how they let that a stupid game such that, ruin their friendship, and that instead of being fighting about it, and with tears in his eyes he tell them that they have to be grateful to be healthy and alive and no in his place. When they hear that they rethought about what they did and forgive each other for everything. Conclusion Videogames will be a good distraction for teenagers and people in general. Nevertheless, when they cross the limit and start to interfere between people relations and make problems in their daily life they have to rethink about it. Set their priorities, and decide if they are more important than a videogame in which they can have entertainment for some weeks, or a friend that will be for you in the hard moments to help you will be the best thing to do when you go through situations like this. Videogames Thank you
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