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Phrases and Clauses

No description

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Phrases and Clauses

Phrases and Clauses
Phrases and Clauses
These are groups of related words that serve as building blocks of a sentence. Together they build sentences.

When buying a home,

people get excited.
As it rose in the air,

the balloon got smaller.
A clause contains both a subject (part about which something is being said) and a verb (part which says something about the subject)
Example 1:
Reading is
Example 2:
I study
hard so
I get
good grades.
Independent and Dependent Clauses
Independent clause: forms a complete thought
Example: The dog was happy to go out.
Dependent clause: does not form a complete thought and cannot stand alone
Example: As they walked around
Does not have a subject and a verb and cannot stand alone
Example 1:
A beautiful yard
Example 2:
Hiding under the table,
the dog knew he was bad.
Schoolhouse Rock Video
Subjects and Predicates
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