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To Kill a Mockingbird

No description

Arman Krmoian

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird

Jem and Dill begin to grow closer, Scout feels left out.
Scout spends more time with Miss Maudie Atkinson.
Scout and Miss Maudie talk about Boo Radley, Maudie talks about how rumors about Boo are false.
"I know he's alive, Jean Louise, because I haven't seen him carried out yet."
Jem and Dill establish plan to invite Boo out. Scout gets in on the plan.
They stick a note on the end of a fishing pole and try to get it on a window of the Radley house.
Atticus catches them in the act and tells them to stay out of Boo's business.
Chapter 5
It's Dill's last summer in Maycomb.
Jem and Dill ignore what Atticus said and continue on their misson to see Boo.
Scout tags along, when they decide to lurk around the Radley's house at night.
They sneak into the backyard and try to get a view inside the house.
Nathan Radley comes out with a shotgun and fires at them but all three of them get back home safely.
Jem's pants get stuck in the fence, he crawls out of them and they make it home safely.
There's a commotion outside the Radley house and they realize it's suspicious if they don't show up.
When they get outside, Atticus asks why Jem doesnt have any pants on so they make up an excuse that they were playing strip poker.
Jem decides to go back and retrieve his pants in the middle of the night, he makes it back safely.
Chapter 6
School starts, the second grade isn't any better for Scout , but Jem assures that it will get better.
Jem talks about how his pants were folded over the fence that night, almost like someone was expecting him to retrieve them.
In the knot-hole of the tree, Jem and Scout find various objects; a grey ball of twine, two bars of soap carved into figures (one of a boy and the other of a girl in a crude dress), tarnished metal, and a broken pocket watch on a chain with an aluminum knife.
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
They decide to write a letter to the owner of all the mysterious objects.
"Dear sir... We appreciate the-no, we appreciate everything which you have put into the tree for us..."
Later, Mr. Radley fills the hole with cement.

Edgar Avetisian
Arman Krmoian
Anthony Henry

Winter hits Maycomb for the first time in years and school is closed.
Jem and Scout haul snow from Miss Maudie's yard to make a snowman
Miss Maudie's house sets on fire.
Scout is very intelligent for her age. She is naturally curious and asks a lot of questions. In chapter 7, she mentions that the second grade isn't any better than the first. Scout hates how her intelligence is inhibited at school, she feels like she doesn't have freedom at school. Scout also likes to have fun and do things that most girls wouldn't do, such as building the snowman with Jem in chapter 8, Aunt Alexandra tries to make her act more lady-like later in the story.
Jem is getting to the process of maturing but he's not there yet. In chapters 5-8, Jem is on a mission to see Boo Radley. Once Jem begins maturing later in the story, he loses interest in playing with Scout and obsessing over Boo. Jem is also very brave. He shows his bravery and risk in chapter 7 when they go to the Radley house to look in the window and later again to retrieve his pants. Jem wants to be like his father and tries his best not to disappoint him.
Relevance to the Novel as a Whole
After chapter 7, when Nathan Radley shot at Jem, Dill, and Scout, they got very frightened and realized that maybe they should stop with the whole Radley game. Also, the whole incident pushed Jem to start maturing.
Rhetorical Effectiveness

Syntax- "It was then, I suppose, that Jem and I first began to part company. Sometimes I did not understand him, but my periods of bewilderment were short lived."
Detail- "The back of the Radley house was less inviting than the front: a ramshackle porch ran the width of the house; there were two doors and two dark windows between the doors. Instead of a column, a rough two-by-four supported the one end of the roof. An old Franklim Stove sat in a corner of the porch; above it a hat-rack mirror caught the moon and shone eerily" (Ch 5)
Diction- "Miss Maudie's benevolence extended to Jem and Dill, whenever they paused in their pursuits: we reaped the benefits of a talent Miss Maudie had hitherto kept hidden from us." (Ch 5)
Figurative Language- Simile: "She loved everything that grew on God's earth, even the weeds. With one exception. If she found a blade of nut grass in her yard it was like the Second Battle of Marne," (Chapter 5, Page 56)
-Charecterization: "Miss Maudie hated her house: time spent indoors was time wasted. She was a widow, a chameleon lady who worked in her flower beds in an old straw hat and men's overalls, but after her five o' clock bath she would appear on the porch and reign on the street with magestical beauty."

A big theme in chapters 5-8 is that everyone should be treated with respect. When Scout was talking to Miss Maudie about Boo Radley, Maudie was trying to teach Scout that everyone's human, and everyone deserves respect. This helped change the outlook of Boo Radley as a monster into a human, like everyone else.
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