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Activity for Top Flex 2 students

Helbert Leite

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of BRAT CAMP

The teenage years can be difficult for both children and parents. Why, do you think? What can go wrong? Why teenagers feel the need to rebel against theirs parents? BRAT CAMP In groups, Read the actions in the box of exercise 2. Decide which are bad and which are very bad behaviors for a teenager. Complete the chart. Watch the video and answer the questions on Exercise 4. Now, read the introduction and the first half of the article about Ned, Emily, and Jamie. Which of the activities in Exercise 2 were they guilty of? Look at these pictures. What do you think happens at the camp. Tell you partner. Answer the questions on Exercise 7 Read the rest of the article. Did you guess what happened at the camp? Why do you think the teenagers have to give up the things from their old lives?
Why is physical activity so important?
Do you feel sorry for the teenagers? or more sorry for the parents?
Why do you think these teenagers had problems? Finally, discuss with a partner. Tell the class what your partner thinks about the quetions above. Listen to this song by a band called Simple Plan. What do you think it talks about?
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