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Poetry Analysis - Cotton English 11

Alee Cotton

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of TPCASTT

The TPCASTT acronym will guide you through poetry analysis in a logical and virtually painless way. You definitely want to take notes over this! TPCASTT What does the title mean? What does it likely suggest about the meaning of the poem? T = title Describe what happens in the poem in your own words. Paraphrase the work line by line in your own words. P = paraphrase Look beyond the literal meaning of the poem for this step.
Search for:
symbolism C = connotation Describe the tone of the poem. Do the poet and the speaker share the same attitude toward the subject?

Find specific examples that illustrate the mood of the work. A = attitude Does the tone or speaker change during this poem? If so, where? What effect does the shift have? S = shift Look at the title again. Have your original thoughts about its meaning changed? What do you think the title means now? T = title T = theme What is the overall theme of the poem? What insight, understanding, lesson, or truth are we supposed to walk away with?
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