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03.06 War at Home: Assignment

No description

Sydney McCutchen

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of 03.06 War at Home: Assignment

It's terrifying to know our new home is full of distrust against us German-American's. Why do you have to vandalize our businesses, hurt our people, and take away our art? We want to be apart of your country!#TheIrishAmericansUnderstand
Welcoming 1.75 million Jewish American's to America this year! It's hard living here with the Ku Klux Klan and discrimination, but things will change. #LetsStickTogether
03.06 War at Home: Assignment
By Sydney McCutchen
More job openings for us to take on. Ready to help out anywhere needed. #HoldingDownTheFort
You can serve in the war to apply for citizenship now because of honorable discharge. #GoodLuck
Thank you for passing the Snyder Act. Now we are all considered American citizens. Our only problem is we still don't have the same rights? #Help
We have war time contributions, we should get the right to vote! It's our country too! #WeNeedFeminism
Despite all the hatred we get, this is our new home. Let's get together and help support America in the efforts of this war! #JewishAmericansForTheWar
We are not alone when we say America should stay neutral at war! #GermanAmericansAgainstWar
Jobs left open for us to fill now that
everyone had gone to war. #TryManufactoring
After being discriminated after all this time, we are
now able to help out in the war! You will be neutralized for serving our adopted country.
Sad to hear not many more Asians are aloud into
Don't forget to carry your draft registrations with you or you might get arrested. APL is everywhere! #BeCareful
We can join the Asians in fighting in the war
to get neutralized as American citizens.
Going to war should be a choice, it's our life! It shouldn't be happening in the first place. #AmericansAgainstTheWar
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