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Frankenstein ABC Book

No description

Jackson Carter

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Frankenstein ABC Book

In the novel Frankenstein, the Monster could be said to be astute or sharp. Left alone since he was created, the monster has had to fend for himself in every aspect. Not knowing how to do anything, he quickly caught on by watching others and experimenting.
The couple that consisted of Felix and Safie, lived in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. The creature for a while stuck around the cottage in which he learned to read and speak, by watching the couple. The setting takes place here for a good section of the novel, being the monster feels less lonely here.
Throughout the entire novel, the monster can be viewed as being very sad or depressed. If put in the same situation, I would also feel the same way. The monster all the way to the end of the novel, never does find any form of a true friend, just a mad scientist.
To the eyes of many, the creature could be said to be very beastly like. By just looking at him, made his own creator run out of sight. They're several other accounts of the monster scaring others, such as Safie and Felix running out of their cabin.
Jackson Carter
Frankenstein ABC Book
Elizabeth is introduced at the beginning of the story, as Victor's "cousin". She was adopted by his parents, after her mom insisted they take her, being she couldn't afford to take care of her. Victor's father and mother expect for the two too marry at older age, in which they do.
Frame Story
The entire novel of Frankenstein, is considered a frame story, being its a story within a story. At the beggining of the novel it starts of by Robert Walton, telling his story. However later in the book, it changes to Victor talking about his past life, therefor a story within a story,
Geneva is the small community, in which the Frankenstein's were raised in. There are several scenes of importance that take place in or around Geneva.
When Mary Shelley was writing Frankenstein, she was in a contest with several other writers, in which to see who could write the best horror story. Therefore Frankenstein is a horror novel, with several accounts of tragedy, death, and gruesomeness.
Justine lives with the Frankenstein family as a servant after her mother dies. When William is murdered, the monster puts a photograph that William was carrying in her pocket, and she is accused of murder. She confesses falsely to the crime out of fear of going to Hell. She is executed.
After be created and having to fend for himslef, the monster shows a true thirst for knowledge. Clueless about life and everything about it, the monster seeks to learn by examining and using trial and error until he gets it right. After some time the monster has knowledge of who he is as a creature and what he wants in life, like a normal person.
In the novel, one of the places the monster feels less lonely is the families cottage. While at the cottage the monster begins to take some of their food, however he notices over time how poor they are and begins to feel bad. To make up for his bad deed, the monster began collecting lumber for the family in order to make up for what he did.
In the novel Frankenstein's creation can be called many things but monster tends to be a common one. With his very ugly appearance and great stature, its automatically the first thing you think of when trying to describe him. And being many people are scared of the creation, monster is well suiting.
During the entirety of the novel, the monster can be viewed as neglected. Even from the beginning of his life, his own creator ran away after seeing him alive for the first time. The only attention the monster ever received was screams of horror, from people running away from him.
Once Victor leaves for college and begins in his studies, he becomes a different man. We can find Victor not putting a little time into his work, but being obsessed with it. For months at a time Victor will ignore his family and continue on working in his creation, which I view as very unhealthy.
After investing so much time into creating his monster, Victor had not idea what was to come. Once finishing him and seeing the monster alive, Victor became panicked and ran away in fear. Not truly realizing what he had done, Victor didn't know what to do, therefor running away seemed liked the best answer
After Elizabeth hath been killed by the monster, Victor sets out on a quest to find him. This is were our story starts and also ends. In Victor's quest he dies on Walton's boat and is never able to find and kill his creation.
Revenge can be noted several times in the novel, being its the main course of actions for many characters. One case of revenge would be the monster killing Elizabeth after Victor would make him a lady monster. Another would be when Victor set out on his quest to find the monster, in order to seek revenge.
When Victor was just a young child, his interest in science grew after seeing a tree get strucked by just a spark of lightning. It was that same spark that helped Victor in accomplishing his goal of creating life. If it wasn't for this spark Victor would of lived the life he had.
In many parts of the novel, you can describe the scene as terrifying. If it was Victor viewing the monster for the first time or imagining William being strangled by the creature. The whole novel is portrayed this way, being its intent was to scare.
Throughout Frankenstein, theyre a couple of characters that you could say are uncertain of who they really are. The monster being the obvious one, since he was created and then left to figure out life and who he even was. But Victor can be seen as uncertain, being the thing that he loves and spent so much time on, is now a threat to him and his family.
Victor is our main character in the novel of Frankenstein. He is the scientist that built the creature that haunts many people, but is just misunderstood. Victor lives a very confusing life and just doesn't know how to get through it.
William is Victor Frankenstein's brother in the novel. While in college Victor finds out that William has been murdered so he rushes home. It turns out that the monster killed William, out of frustration with Victor.
Victor and several others can be viewed as having xenophobia towards the monster. This intense fear is what drives the novel to be so thrilling. The monsters actions and looks cause this xenophobia.
Even though Victor's passion for science was obsessive, he still had a yearning for it at a young age. From that lightning striking the tree to Victor shocking the monster, the passion was very obvious.
Both Victor and the Monster showed qualities of being very Zealous. Victor had his passion for creating life and the monster had his passion to be more human like. Even both entirley different in goals, the two werent so different for when it came to this.
While on his expedition, Robert Walton was stuck in the ice. If it wasn't for this ice thoug, he would of never found Victor and we would of never heard this thrilling story
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