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Water Use

No description


on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Water Use

Water is a very important resource.
Without water we will all be dead.

What about water?
Everybody needs water to survive.
Everybody needs to help conserve it.
The planet will be used up.
We all need to help make this world a better place to live in.

Should we HELP?
Of course we need to help! If we don't act now, there will be no more clean water for us to drink or use.
Our action plan
Do WE care?
All the team members have had a positive attitude all the time and showed a lot of caring about water at all times.
We have got to the end, but the planet has not. Now you know that water is valuable and learned that we need to conserve it.
Water Use
By: Julia, Juan Manuel, Gary, Miguel Angel, and Salome.

Actions about water impacts future lives.

Water Usage
The world is running out of water.
People waste water when they brush their teeth.
When they flush the toilet
When they shower for too long, and much more.
Do you really think that water is a infinite resource? Well, imagine humans had wasted all the water from Earth. There will be no more life in the planet, and we would be history.

We did not paste any personal info or emails either. This is the link of our web page: http://mpazmin5.wix.com/save-water.
Central Idea:
Lines of Inquiry:
Sharing the issue with others.
Learning about the environment.
Taking action.
For our action plan we decided to make a web page.
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