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The Evolution of Laptops

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Faven Ghilazghi

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of Laptops

The Evaluation of Computers We live in a day and age were everyone has a computer. We live in a day and age where everyone who's anyone has a computer. Where computers provide us with information, and communication . As we grew up Wikipedia replaced books and
research But do we really know where this came from? Do YOU know how this Came from Came from THIS? Well this is how it all started! Let's begin with answering a simple question:
What is a computer?
We've seen them
Used them
and Talked about them
But do we really know what they are? A computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program. Has become an everyday necessity. I S R C I and this Know you may be wondering:
"Who invented the computer?" Well the answer isn't that simple.... See the computer was not invented by ONE person But
On The
Computer People have Contributed Ideas To create the machine That is now known as Computers weren't always elctronic but we won't go that far back Timeline of the Computers
1946-???? The ENIAC stands for: Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer It was the first all-purpose, general, electric computer The machine was turned on in 1955 for the first time and conceived and designed by ENIAC We'll start with the first electronic computer... THE Created during the World War II to decipher codes John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert Computers countinued to change and evolve but were still about the same in size and speed untill... The Microprocessor came along THIS is a microprocessor This small piece of metal and plastic completely changed computers allowing them to... Shrink computers in size Grow in speed and decrease proccessing time So what exactly is a micoproser you might ask? A Microprosser an integrated circuit that contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer. The first microprocessor was created in
1970 by a company you all probably already know So let's play a game Guess which company created and released the FIRST microscpoer a. Microsoft

b. Intel

c. Apple

d. hp If you choose b. Intel you were right! This made computers
and more efficent. Allowing computers to go from TO Untill then computers where a luxury and almost always only used for work, or research But then came personal computers The Commodore PET was the first succesfully mass marketed home computer created in 1977 by Commodore International Home computers allowed people personal use of computers and allowed the mass public to enjoy this luxury by making the computers affordable Then about 4 years later came the first succesful and comercially available portable computer (or microcomputer) The Osborne 1 It may look heavy and have a small screen but it was portable and very useful when it came out in 1981 created by Osbourne Computer Corporation The first portable computer to be sold and marketed as a "laptop" was the Gavilin SC It was released in 1985 and manufactured by Gavlin Computer Corporation and Developed by Manuel (Manny) Fernandez From there computers an laptops countinued to evolve Becoming slimmer Better and wider screens The development and evolution of the electronic computer has spanned over 70 years. These years have been filled with designing, creating, and inventing. To create these amazing machines not only was there a need to use math and science but also the imagintaion and minds of the great people who created the machines. So next time you go and turn on your laptop or desktop you'll know how this Came from this And much more efficent And THAT was the Evolution of Computers
By:Faven Ghilazghi
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