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Chinese Influence in Trinidad and Tobago

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Matias Balda

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Chinese Influence in Trinidad and Tobago

Chinese Influence in Trinidad and Tobago
Where The Chinese Came From
The Chinese came from China, in Asia. They came to Trinidad by boat in 1802.
Who the Chinese Were
The Chinese came to conquer other countries and also to form businesses selling spices or food.
Impact of Chinese Culture on Trinidad
Problems Caused by the Chinese Migration to Trinidad
There weren't many problems when the Chinese arrived except for the fact that they were illegal immigrants and they didn't make much profit.

The Chinese brought cuisine to Trinidad.
The also brought sayings that when you eat some thing it brings you luck, wealth, or happiness.
Two dances introduced by the Chinese are Dragon Dance and The Chinese Lion Dance.
The Chinese left their language with us, since approximately 3,800 speak Chinese in Trinidad (In 2000).

"Chinese Arrival." NALIS. NALIS, 2015. Web. 17 June 2015. <http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nalis.gov.tt%2FResearch%2FSubjectGuide%2FChineseArrival%2Ftabid%2F113%2FDefault.aspx%3FPageContentMode%3D1%2397>.
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