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Short Story Analysis of First Confession

No description

Jackson Bionda

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Short Story Analysis of First Confession

Significance of Title
Short Story Analysis of First Confession
Point of View
The End
Rising Action
The rising action in this story is all the action that leads up to the climax. In this story the rising action shows how Jackie prepares for his confession. He is told of many stories that scare him about making a bad confession. Jackie questions whether or not he will be able to tell the priest of all his sins. His sister Nora also doughs that he will be able to get out all his sins and teases him that he will burn at night if he dose not.
The Climax is the high point in the story and it is the most intense and exiting point of the story. In "The First Confession" the climax is when Jackie talks to the priest and confesses his sins. At first Jackie falls out of the both and embarrassed himself but he is met with the unexpected courtesy of a young priest. Once Jackie has come forth with his confession he is supriesed by the priests reaction. In the climax we find that Jackie had nothing to be scared of.
Falling Action
The falling action in a story is after the climax when all the action starts to calm down and lead into the conclusion. The falling actions in this story occur when the priest is talking to Jackie and he realizes that the priest is not that bad of a guy. Another part of the falling action is when the priest walks Jackie out of the church and gives him three hail marries.
The resolution is when the story has unwound and when all the conflicts have be solved. The resolution in "The First Confession" is when Jackie meets his sister outside of the church and tells her that he confessed everything. His sister Nora gets angry because all she wanted was for her brother to say that he told a bad confession
The exposition in this story is where the author introduces the characters and the history that those characters have. In the exposition for "The First Confession" the reader is told how the main character, Jackie is constantly being bothered by his sister and his grandmother. We also learn that Jackie has do do his first confession soon which he is terrified of doing.
The short story "First Confession" by Frank O'Connor takes place in Ireland and stars a little boy named Jackie. Jackie was is faced with troubles in his life because his Grandmother recently moved in with his family. His sister Nora also does everything in her power to disturb Jackie and make him suffer. On top of all this mayhem, Jackie has to do his first confession which is very stressful. He is worried that he will not be able to confess all of his sins and it is said that if you cannot confess all your sins you will burn up in the night. Nora takes Jackie down to the church on his confession day and he is worried. However after falling out of the booth and being swatted by Nora, he learns that the priest is a nice man and he had nothing to worry about. Jackie and the priest leave the church and Jackie is pleased to tell his sister that he confessed everything.
Religion also plays a very important role in the story because it is what most of the actions and conflicts revolve around. Repetion is important to this theme because it implys how important religion is to the story. other literary divices that are setting and prolouge.
Throughout the story, fear has a huge presence in Jackie and affects how he acts. The author uses amplification, tragedy and irony to insure that this theme is represented. The reason that fear is such an important theme is because Jackie is living with fear about his frirst confession until the falling action where everything starts to unwined. The reason Jackie was scared is because he was faced with a very straining dilema. If he didnt tell that priest about all his sins then he would go to hell but if he did tell the priest about his sins like plotting to kill his grandmother or trying to kill his sister than he would be punished.
In the short story "The First Confession" the title represents one of its very strong themes which is religion. Just by looking at the title you can see that it will involve the curch and someone having to do their first confession. The reason that this is significant is because it explains the basic theme to the reader which creates interest.
The protagonist in the story is obviously Jackie. He is open minded but yet very persistant. An example of Jackie being open minded is when he realizes that the priest is and educated man he decideds that he willingly do his confession. An example of Jackie being persistant is when he did not want to eat his grandmother's food so he hid under the dinning room table and took a bread knife to protect himself.
The main conflict in the story is that Jackie has to do his first confession and he consideres it impossable to tell the preist about all the bad things he has done because he has done many bad things. If Jackie cannot confesse everything than it will be a bad confession and when someone comits a bad confession the burn in the night. Jackie has to figure out a way to avoid confession
The point of view that is used to present this story is first person. The author uses a first person point of view so the reader can understand how scared Jackie feels about doing his first confession. If the author chose to use a third person approch to present the story, It would have been implyied that Jackie was scared but the reader wouldn't have felt what he feels emotionally. First person perspective was an exelent choice to potray the action in this story.
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