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The Cellar By: Natasha Preston

No description

Riley Cournaya

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of The Cellar By: Natasha Preston

The Cellar By: Natasha Preston
Setting: The setting is mostly the cellar because most of the story is told through Summer's point of view.The Cellar was almost like a one floor house, it had a living room with couch and a television,coffee table etc. It had a bathroom with a shower, and a bedroom with four beds in it with wardrobes for each girl, and a kitchen. They had no windows or natural light. Since Clover was so scared of germs it had the constant smell of lemon scented cleaner, which the girls had to clean with multiple times a day. Also a very important part of the cellar was the four vases of flowers, one rose,one poppy, one violet,and one Lily.
The climax of the book is when Clover makes the decision that since the police are getting closer to finding out it was him who killed the girls and kidnapped Rose,Lily,Violet,and Poppy, that he will kill them and himself so they can forever be the perfect family. Violet is the first to react to try and stop the situation, but is the first to be killed. Then Lily comes and tries to fight back using her adrenaline and her need to survive as her only weapon. She gets knocked down, but right as she does the police storm the cellar - then everything went black. I chose this as the climax because this is the one part of the book were you are off the end of your seat because you don't know what to expect to happen.
Falling action one
Lily wakes up in the hospital. She sees her family but wants to see Rose and Poppy to make sure they made it out safe. Poppy was alright with a few broken bones from the fight, but Rose had been down there so long that she was brainwashed and had to stay in a mental hospital.
Summer gets kidnapped and put in a cellar. She's given a new name, and had to live with four girls and a psychotic man who has OCD and will kill if its not clean.She gets raped just like the other girls. Once he finds out that the cops are close he wants to kill all of them and himself so he and his "perfect" family can last forever. This conflict is when Lewis and Harry follow Clover home and notice how suspicious he looks and calls the cops Then they come and save the girls, but its too late - he already killed Violet.
conflict is Man vs Man, Clover vs the girls.
In this story there are many examples of symbolism in this book here are a few examples.
The Knife in Clovers pocket: this is a symbol of the thing in your life of finally being free being able to do what you want. In the book it is holding them back from escaping and living there dreams because if they try and escape he will kill them with this knife.
Flowers: This is a important symbol
through out the whole book he believes flowers represent pureness that is why he gives the girl names of flowers because he believes that the girls are pure and genuine.
Shower: Summer Uses it to clean herself when she feels unclean after Clover touches her. The shower is a symbol of change. Every time she came out of the shower she changed she felt stronger, braver,determined. She washed away the old her and gained a better form.

The Cellar
Summer/Lily, Dedicated,fragile,motherly,emotional.
Summer is a beautiful blonde 17 year old girl, she is limber and tall.
Lewis: Loving,persistent.
Summer's boyfriend is a tall,muscular 19 year old with brown short hair.
Clover: Lost, crazed,over attached,twisted, OCD.
Clover is rather short with slicked back hair and always dressed professional. Turned obsessed with the idea of a perfect family after his mother died.
Rose: Lost,emotionless, scared.
Tall, light brown hair, pale skin. Been in the cellar for three years.
Violet: Determined,open mined,strong headed.
There are two Violets due to the fact that Clover killed the first one, but they were very similar, they wanted to get out and still had a grip on humanity.
Poppy was in there the second longest. She was very caring and therapeutic for Lily, aways held Lily back from making rash decisions, and cared for her when she was sick or sad.

Rising Action Part one

Summer is walking to the club alone to meet her friend. When she gets there, she and her friend split up to find someone. Then Clover comes and grabs her, throws her in the back of his van and tells her "your name is Lily"
Rising Action Part two

Clover has his first anger attack that Lily sees and it's over the flowers dying. He starts punching and slapping the girls blaming them for killing the only "pure"" thing.
Rising action three

Violet and Lily make a plan to escape. They will hit him on the head with a vase and steal the keys from his pocket. But when Violet hits him with the vase, it does little to nothing to Clover. Clover gets angry at Violet and stabs her in the stomach, killing her and making Rose and Poppy clean up the body. This is his 8th murder.
Rising action Four

Clover relishes that he loves Lily for her simple beauty and bashfulness and he will rape her to show her how much he loves her just like he did with the other girls.
Rising action Five

Lewis and Lily's brother Harry follow Clover home and discover that he is very suspicious, and that he could be the man that kidnapped his girlfriend. He sneaks into Clover's house and find the girl's clothes that he had bought. He calls the police to interview him.
Falling action two

Summer finally got to see Poppy again after they were rescued but when her family called her Summer she yelled back "Lily".
Falling Action three
Summer and Poppy get to leave the hospital but Rose had to stay back because she has had so much mental and emotional damage.
Falling action four

Since Summer is now back
people are treating her differently. Lewis tells her that he still loves her and he will never treat her differently.
Falling action five

Summer is finally getting treated a little more normal. Now she and Poppy are best friends. Summer,Poppy and Lewis go to a barbeque to celebrate their return.

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