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Hello There....

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Biomass

Costs To the Consumer!
Biomass is very expensive to set up
Where can we find Biomass
How can Biomass
be turned into electricity!
When biomass is taken in and

What Is Biomass?
Biomass is typically waste, living or dead organisms. Plant

How much
Biomass is Left!
Biomass is endless, unless we stop creating waste. Biomass is being

1. Biomass is very easy to gather because of all the waste on the planet.
We can find biomass almost everywhere in the world because of our waste, animal, plant waste.
fermented animals, animal waste, and waste thrown away by humans are all materials to make

biomass. People burn away the waste to create

biomass. Biomass can be made into fuel, electricity,

and heat.
burned, it
which an create electricity. Biomass can also be used to make biofuels which can run cars, trucks, and

can be used to drive electricity generators
tractors. Left over
By Josh Rivera
food can be used to make biodiesel. Plants can
also be used to make ethanol. Biomass can also
be used to produce heat by burning them
used over and over again all over the

world. When it seems like there's no more,
more keeps coming because we don't
stop creating waste. More waste more

Biomass has many advantages and disadvantages and i'll just show you a few of them!
2. When biomass is burned it releases
Co2 which is then breathed in by plants
3. We replace normal fossil fuels with

4.We wont be paying for too much

foreign fuels since we are making

1. Biomass may be a renewable
resource but it can cause serious air pollution
2. Biomass using animal waste are limited
because there is only a small amount.
3. Land that contain energy crops may be wanted for housing, resorts and many other things.
4. Research is needed to reduce costs

of biofuels.
and to start burning biomass to create electricity and fuels.
The amount of money to start

start burning is about 7 million dollars.
Also if you want to improve it will

it take 89 million dollars

1. Biomass is typically what ?
Biomass can be made into?

Biomass is?
4. Biomass has?
Biomass costs?
Biomass is almost?
Which countries
use the most Biomass?
Per year the USA, UK and the Wales

use the most Biomass.
How much Canada uses?
In 2010 Canada generated 1700 MW using biomass.
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