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Spatial Realism

No description

Courtney Block

on 16 February 2018

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Transcript of Spatial Realism

What is Spatial Realism?
Spatial Realism
in Academic Libraries
Using Focus Groups to Inform
Renovation Decisions
Identifying Spaces for Change
Focus Groups
What Did We Learn?
How Will Data be Used?
A holistic understanding of:
Space usage
including what is NOT used.
Library perception
Targeted areas for renovation or redesign
Inspired by the timeline of cinematic history.
No, really. Let me explain....
Competing interests for space on a campus
Focus on Digital Services
Do we currently understand spatial reality?
Do we make changes based on gut feelings or data?
Through mixed methodology - think: holistic
To hopefully identify:
Unused collections
i.e. our Reference Collection
Spaces modified by users
Before you begin....
Consider your target audience
Work on questions
Prep work (time, location, consent forms)
Doing the Focus Group
What NOT to do....
Need for more group collaboration space
Desire for comfortable seating /lounging
Busiest days are Tues/Thurs.
People value the library:
...I really do enjoy the library, and I really appreciate all the hard work you all have put in to making it a good place for students to learn and relax and generally just meet up.
The library's been a huge part of my undergrad career.

To inform the design of a new space.
Specifically in relation to group space and lounge furniture.
In another round of focus groups.
Using visual design elements
Students will design the floorplan.
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