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You Eat What You Touch - Laura Walsh

VCD Assignment

Laura Walsh

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of You Eat What You Touch - Laura Walsh

An advertisement by Lifebuoy Hand wash 'You eat what you touch" A Description of the Ad This advertisement depicts a wrinkled pug presented in the shape of a loaf of bread, placed on a wooden chopping board on top of a smooth white granite bench. Next to the pug is the tag line ‘you eat what you touch’. The logo for ‘Lifebuoy’ hand wash is in the top right hand corner of the image. The background of the image, which consists of a pristine kitchen with two ovens, is blurred. Target Audience Age – Adults
Gender – generally female
Socio-econmoic status – middle to upper
Interests – cooking, food, family
Location - suburbs, inner city Context This advertisement would mainly be found in women’s magazines. Mothers and housewives would see and connect with it as they are the ones cooking (generally) at home. These magazines will be found in most inner suburbs. It could also be advertised in supermarkets on posters, as the women who would most likely by the product would be there reasonably regularly. Elements and Principles Table How the Advertiser has Used Visuals How the Advertiser has used Visuals Continued... By Laura Walsh 11.14 Overall the target audience is adult middle to upper class females, who generally are housewives or mums. This is because the kitchen shown in the ad is upper class with glossy granite benches and multiple ovens, the everyday person couldn't connect with that, therefore the ad does not cater to the middle to lower socio-economic class. The ad mostly connects with women as they are predominantly the ones cooking meals, so on. The advertiser has used a glossy, clean and classy kitchen as the setting for the advertisement to attract the target audience (mums, housewives, middle-upper class), as they'd want, or have a similar kitchen. The bright, white, clean atmosphere of the kitchen is contrasted with the furry, uneven pug lying on a chopping board to bring attention to the ad, bring humour and also display how 'dirty' and out-of-place the dog is in the sparkling kitchen The contrasting colour of the background and pug brings the attention of the viewer to the bizarre focal point of the image; the bread shaped pug. The hierarchy has been designed so that the viewer is first drawn to the strange pug, and then to the tag line to the left stating 'you eat what you touch' and then to the 'Lifebuoy' hand wash logo in the top right hand corner. The small, plain, simple and evenly weighted font is used to not distract the viewer from the main image of the pug. Emotional Appeals The advertiser has mainly used humour to entice the viewer. The shape of the pug as a loaf of bread is so bizarre that it draws the viewer to see what on earth a bread shaped pug could be about.
The advertiser has also used a contrasting statement with the humorous image of the dog. By stating 'you eat what you touch', the viewer is taken aback that the weird pug could be associated with food. This then leads the viewer to search the ad for what all that has been discovered means, they then locate the logo for 'Lifebuoy' and realise that if you don't wash their hands with Lifebuoy hand wash, they may as well eat the last thing they touched. Thus appealing to the viewer to wash their hands with Lifebuoy before eating. Impact I believe this ad successfully advertises Lifebuoy hand wash. By using such a curious image, the viewer searches the ad for meaning, therefore discovering brand. The advertisement is memorable for the viewer because it is unique and humorous. Although the pug is digitally photoshopped to look like a loaf of bread, ethically, some people may think the dog was harmed in the making of the ad, which is untrue. All in all I believe this is a great and memorable advertisement who is effective in promoting its product. Other Ads From Same Campaign Thankyou
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