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The Heritage of Our Fraternity Week 2

Week 2 Quiz 3

Jessica Buentello

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of The Heritage of Our Fraternity Week 2

The Heritage of Our Fraternity
Founders & Herb Farmer
DKA History
Unfinished Business
After the Pledge Process
History of DKA
Officer Positions

The Founding of Delta Kappa Alpha
Founders of Lambda
Herbert E. Farmer
The Rebirth of Delta Kappa Alpha
Quiz 1 & Unfinished Business
The Golden Circle
The Purpose
What is your cause?
What do you believe?
The Process
Specific actions taken to realize the Why.
The Result
What do you do? The result of Why. Proof.
Professional Cinematography Fraternity for Men
March 16, 1936
University of Southern California
Fraternity Name
DKA reverse initials of Founder Allen Kenneth Dallas
Stand for a basic art of the Cinema
Donald Fischer
Jack H. McClelland
Robert Turner
Peter Kinnel
John W. Findlater
Louis Tarleton
William A. Halpern
Robert V. Rodgers
Allen K. Dallas
Terry Bissinger
10 Founding Fathers
Luke Doyle
Stephanie Garza
Kelsey Duncan
Rachel Nursey
Minerva Zapata
Carter Baker
Reece Harvell
Jeremiah Dalmacio
Zac Buckingham
Michael Park
Jannice Truong
Andrea Tuttrup
Andy Escobar
Pierce Harvell
Selflessness & Loyalty
"Do-It-Yourself" Inventiveness & Problem Solving
Constant Learning & Adaptability
"The Wizard"
Reminders & Announcements
Archive Projects:
Group Photo
Officer Nominations
Christian's Workshop
Birdie's Film
Rhianna's Film
Quiz 2 Readings
Quest 2 Jewels:
Curious & Humble
Fellowship Circle
To induct pledge members into active members
Included Cinema Icons
Industry Professionals & Journalists Attended
One of the year's top 3 distinguished events in Hollywood
Deactivation of DKA
Herb to the Rescue
Hillary Levi & Grace Lee (USC)
DKA Reborn
DKA Constitution
13 Chapters
3 Colonies
National Roll Call
Alpha - USC (1936)
Beta - Boston University (1949)
Gamma - NYU (1950)
Delta - UCLA (1953)*
Epsilon - San Francisco State University (2010)
Zeta - Chapman University (2013)
Eta - UC Berkeley (2013)
Theta - Loyola Marymount University (2013)
Iota - George Mason University (2013)*
Kappa - University of Tampa (2013)
Lambda - UT Austin (2013)
Mu - Columbia University (2013)*
Xi - University of Miami (2014)*
Omicron - Syracuse University (2014)*
Pi - Ithaca College (2014)*
Greek Alphabet
SeriousFun Children's Network
Founded 1988
Paul Newman
Fun summer camp
Children with severe & life threatening illnesses
DKA National Philanthropy
Camps throughout the country & overseas
Must apply to volunteer
I believe in Delta Kappa Alpha, its principles and its traditions.

I will be loyal to my college, my chapter, and my Fraternity by keeping strong ties and retaining the spirit of youth.

In helping others follow their bliss, I shall ask for no reward, I shall seek no glory.

I will put character above wealth and my actions will follow my word.

I will preserve the history of Cinema and the heritage of my Fraternity.

I say with all sincerity; Delta Kappa Alpha has given me honor and distinction; the bond of our fellowship is reciprocal,

I will endeavor to so develop myself and so conduct myself that I will ever be a credit to our Fraternity.
The Hero's Journey
The Road of Trials
The Journey
The Hero's Journey
Aka a
Coined by
Joseph Cambell
Growth & Passage
Why we study this
to learn more about the core of storytelling as well as use it as a structure for our fraternity mythology
This in
no way
means that DKA believes this pattern to be the best or only way to tell stories
"Call to Adventure"
Hero starts as mundane
Called to head into the unknown
The Road of Trials
Series of tests, tasks, or ordeals
Failure is common among these tests
The Ultimate Boon
Achievement of the Goal of the Quest
Previous steps serve to prepare and purify person
Freedom to Live
Freedom from the fear of death
Freedom to live
Living in the moment
Beginning of your Delta Kappa Alpha Journey
Pledge member period
Acclimate to culture of Chapter & Fraternity
Awesome experience!
Alter the Destiny of the Fraternity
First National President
Remigio Vitales
"If you knew (this) about me then you would truly know me..."
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