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Haile Middle School Engineering Carson W

No description

Carson w

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Carson W

Step 1
First take some Peanut
Butter and some jelly.
Then you squeeze
jelly on the other
piece of bread.
Then spread the jelly
on the bread and
put them together.
Then cut in half
and you have a
PB & J
In solidworks I made
a e-car chassis. It
was originally made
of metal, and was
later changed to
Then you use a knife to
take PB and spread it on the
Job Center
QUESTION A: Policemen keeping our community safe
A city worker because he makes buildings and roads and pipes and a lot more.
Our bridge failed because it was lopsided before testing and we didnt realize it until we started testing it.
Our bridge held only 40 pounds because threre was mistakes
Computer Numerical Control is CNC MILLING it different kinds of drilling or even different ways of moving or turning. It drills holes into different materials with the different parts
This is our rocket after we assembled it
onto the 2 liter bottle.When I tested it,
it would have went high but i glued the
fins on wrong and it fell to the ground.
My Water Rocket
You would most likely need to be a U.S. citizen
They have been
taking rockets into space since 1960. They have used all different kinds of rockets to travel into space.
I had a great time building the rocket.
Also you had to use a lot of glue
to keep everything together and you
have to make everything or else it could fall straight down at lift off.
You can cut your
How does robotics play a active
Role in Today's Workforce?
They can perform tasks that can get humans killed like going into a fire to save someone
without being burned. They can take bullets from a robber and not break down. They can work 24/7 and not stop working. They can do almost everything humans can't do. That's why we use robots in today's modern life.
My prezi
G.O.S Water Rockets
We had 4 of 5 reach the 6 second mark
We found a problem in the rockets because the nose cones were too big
Also you need to have a good quality of craftmanship
Everything is important when builing one of these rockets
Cody and I worked on the Rube Goldeburg
Truck in Solidworks. We are on the part when the truck runs down a ramp and we are solving how to get the truck down the ramp.
The engineering design process is about making something better or improving it. Also the first bicycle was wooden and had no handle bars, now they make aluminum and metal bikes with brakes, pedals, and handle bars. Also it was to make models and houses to make it a certain way that may save money. If a model of a car is made and it has square wheels and no dashboard and no brakes, then you would have to innovate the model and make the car and test it before it can be sold. The design process is important in the way we live.
Mechanical Engineering
They would have used the laser to cut the pieces of the skate park out. Also it would have made it easier to make the skate park if they used laser engraving. Then it would have made it smoother to ride on. Last they could have built a small model by laser engraving so it could have been built better.

In solidworks it would have made it easier because they could have made a model of the parts.
The x-axis is one of the most important of the three. It will change direction in SolidWorks just like the others. When on right plane it will point at you.
The y-axis is green on Solidworks. It can be negative. Like -x-axis, this can go with all axises. The z-axis is blue on SolidWorks. It can be negative z-axis like -z-axis. These are all the axises.
To make participants aware of importance of how reliable our drinking water is.
Build a model, complete registration. It will be judged by structural efficiency, hydraulic efficiency, cost efficiency and design ingenuity.
Structural Efficiency is a measure of how effiecent the design is. It can effect how it works and how long it takes to build.
Hydraulic efficiency makes
the water flow and the
amount of time it
will take to fill up
or drain.
Cost efficiency is saving money on what you are building or creating
Design ingenuity is how creative and artistic you are when building your project
7. Penalties: If you don't follow the instructions you can lose points up to 3 points.
Water Tower Competition Questions.
Wind tunnels are objects that make aircraft fly, like a plane or a jet. They are pretty big they help spaceships lift off also.It is moved by a giant fan to keep it floating.It can reach up to 1.2 times as fast a sound. NASA has 42 Wind Tunnels in their program. 23 of these 42 amazing Wind Tunnels are in Hampton, Virginia. The first U.S. Governed Wind Tunnel was first made in 1920. They first tested this Wind Tunnel in 1921. They are shaped like giant tubes as well.
Mike Rowe And Congress
1. ''The skills gap in Alabama is at 55%.'' This inspires me by it should be at least 80%, because that means most people don't know how to everyday things.
My team includes Hunter B, Cameron S, Mark G and Myself. Our Robot has given us some minor problems and a few major problems. First our protobot we built for experience had one major problem. The whole right side of the robot didn't function correctly. When we built our own the motors could not fit to turn the back wheels. We started contruction about 4 days ago. The arm gave us trouble big time. It was too heavy at first then it could only pick up one bag at a time. So we have been remodeling and it picks up to 3 bags and is light enough. The wheels are now the same as the protobot except the back wheels. We changed them for more traction. Our robot is going to compete and will be ready if we follow how we plan it to be.
01.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology
02.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of technology
03.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships among technologies and the connection between technology and other fields of study
04.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology.
05.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of technology on the environment
06.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of society in the development and use of technology
07.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of technology on history.
08.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the attributes of design.
09.0 Demonstrate an understanding of engineering design
09.0 Demonstrate an understanding of engineering design.
The first part of the school year
went very good. I finished about
5 minutes before the time was up..
My part was .85 pounds. I didn't
have any issues building the part.
10.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving
11.0 Demonstrate the abilities to apply the design process
12.0 Demonstrate the abilities to use and maintain technological products and systems.
13.0 Demonstrate the abilities to assess the impact of products and systems
16.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use energy and power technologies
17.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use information and communication technologies
18.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use transportation technologies.
19.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use manufacturing technologies
20.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies.
21.0 Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of tools and machines in engineering technology.
22.0 Demonstrate the ability to properly identify, organize, plan, and allocate resources
23.0 Demonstrate the functional characteristics of the engineering design team
24.0 Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills in the processes and systems related to engineering.
25.0 Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills in the designing, engineering, and analysis of constructed works.
28.0 Demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills
29.0 Demonstrate mathematics knowledge and skills
30.0 Demonstrate science knowledge and skills
CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. What this does for some people is great for our world. It creates careers for the future of technology. It develops college scholarships for some people very good with technology. It gives the students a range of options in the future for a job. From transportation to our finest computers. Employers look for these kind of people for the job. This organization is important for a lot of peoples’ lives/careers. CTE is very important and helps tons of people on the planet.
This part is called the Fork Spacer. It was a level 3 part for the Solidworks Exam Practice.
This part is called the Latch. It was a level 2 part for the Solidworks Exam Practice.
NASA 3D Printers
NASA launched up 1 billion dollars worth of parts to the space station. NASA is going to use 3D printers for space station parts, astronaut tools and maybe even space craft. An advantage is they won't have to send equipment from Earth too much anymore. A disadvantage is if a piece of equipment breaks they will have to send up another one to replace it or spend money and repair it.
Prezi Post 2/7
Robotics in the medical field improves
the quality of life by making work easier. They are starting to become a lot faster and smaller to take up less room. Robots are better because they work fast and they do it right unless a part breaks. It improves the way we live by these machines(robots) making medical jobs much easier.

The de Laval nozzle is a tube pinched in the middle forming a shape somewhat like an hourglass. The nozzle shapes heat energy and is converted entirely into directed kinetic energy. The nozzle improves the rocket by making it so everything has kinetic energy.
Prezi Post 2/14
Lean manufacturing originated from the Toyota Production System. Lean manufacturing is manufacturing , but waste is reduced instead of having a high level of waste. Smaller lots are used and some industries have a level of waste up to 90%. Lean manufacturing can improve inventory, material handling, quality and customer satisfaction. A project in class could be using recycled materials for things we use today.
3/20 Prezi Post
Gear Ratio
Gear ratio is for example 2:1 which means one gear takes
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