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Phoebe Jackman

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Phoebe and Angelica

Congruent Shapes
Similar Shapes
Two objects that have the
same shape but are different
in size are said to be similar
Two shapes are congruent
if they are identical in every
way; if they have the same
shape and size.
Federation Square
Construction of Federation Square began in 1998. In the $450 million plan There are 467,000 individually laid sandstone cobblestones used to pave the square. Federation Square opened on 26 October 2002.
Federation Square is the size of a city block – 38,000 square metres (3.8 hectares).

Shape designs and configuration
Melbourne Recital Centre
The triangle is one of the most recognised shapes in Architecture. The scalene triangle that is used in Federations Square is uncommon. The isosceles and equilateral triangle are mostly used in buildings. They have used congruent triangles repetitively in a tessellation.
The shape used in the Melbourne Recital Centre is an irregular hexagon. This is a shape with six sides that are not all even. If you keep the same shape all the way, you will be left with a tessellation.
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