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mandy liner & nahiomy cintron

No description

lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of mandy liner & nahiomy cintron

The medal of honor is a very spectacular award. It is only given to worthy recipients who were recommended by any one in there units. Soldiers should show honor, valor, courage, and patriotism in order to recieve the award.
Jacob Wilson Parrot
Jacob Wilson Parrot was the first peson to recieve the medal of honor. He hijacked a locomotive and was severely beaten over 100 times by prison guards in order to get him to confess. He did everything he could to protect his country.
Born: july 17 1843
Died: december 22 1908
Every soldier makes great sacrifices for the country and all of them deserve to be treated with equal respect. (tbh they are da bomb dot com) thousands of soldiers died in order to protect the country and the people in it. The ones who received the award know that they received the medal for all the people who died durring battle.
Sammy L. Davis
Sammy L. Davis is the real life Forest Gump( like Mr. Mesh says ) . Though he was badly wounded he still got up, after being shot by a bee hive, and shot at the enemy so the people behind him would have a chance at survival. Later during the Vietnam war Davis heard someone yelling cease fire and he noticed that is was some of his men so he stopped shooting and went to rescue them on a blow up mattress.
Born: november 1, 1946
still alive
Honor means high respect; esteem. All these soldiers, and woman, showed honor by doing over the top spectacular things while under the pressure of war. Honor is to be earned not given.
Mandy Liner & Nahiomy Cintron
medal of honor
Hershel Woodrow Williams
Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker was the first and only woman so far, to recieve the Medal Of Honor. She was a surgeon and took the risk of being imprisoned to save one of the soldiers during the civil war. She was later released in a prisoner exchange.
Born: november 26, 1832
Died: february 21, 1919
Hershel Woodrow Williams was a soldier who went above and beyond the call of duty. He was in the third marines division which originally was not supposed to get off the boat, yet since so many soldiers were killed in lwo jima they were forced to get off the boat. Later during the war Hershel found were the enemy was shooting from and got on the roof and shoot and kill the enemy.
Born: october 2, 1923
still alive
Valor means to have a lot of courage in the face of danger, including war. All three men plus woman ( go women !!!) showed valor by risking their lives in the face of danger.
Courage is showing bravery when others cannot. And that is what our recipients did in order to receive such an important award.
Patriotism is showing great love for America. These soldiers made a promise to protect and serve the country. And to this day, they still have; though some recipients have unfortunately passed.
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