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No description

Auli Kanninen

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Loppukiri

Full life in
senior years

Arabiankatu 19

At the right corner below is an automatic button. Use 10 sec./picture

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi

”We want to develop an alternative solution for
living our senior years – and in our own house"

A housing community
for senior citizens

In the beginning
there were four ladies, who were worried about their future -
how they will live their senior years…

They founded the
Association of Active Seniors (AS)

was small, inexperienced and penniless,
but the members had a
and a strong determination.

the first senior
community in Finland

The Association and the future residents were
working in close collaboration
with the architects and the building company -
thousands of hours,
all voluntary work

Everybody belongs to a
working group

("The Final Spurt")
The communal dinner
is also
a social event:
you hear the actual ”news” of the community, get healthy nutrition, and it serves as an opportunity to check that the neighbours
are in good condition

Finland is
one of the most rapidly ageing countries
in Europe. Residential homes are often overcrowded and many of the elderly are
at home, without any help.

Others who are in a better shape feel themselves to be
useless and lonely

Life in Loppukiri is based
cooperation and a sense of community

Working together
is important.

Community feeling grows

making and having dinner together,

cleaning the beautiful house and

taking care of other common
common areas
of Loppukiri are
a dining room and library,
a kitchen,
2 terasses,
2 saunas,
a living room with a fireplace,
a guest room,
a gym,
a laundry room and
a TV-room
Loppukiri is situated near the sea in Helsinki, Arabianranta, and is surrounded by a nature conservation area.
Cycling, walking and skiing is easy.

and the

The Association members decided
together :

the requirements

common spaces

the sizes of the flats

guidelines of the future life...

Loppukiri in facts and figures
: (in 2015)

70 residents
49 - 95 years
of age,
13 couples, 4 single males, 40 single females.
A variety of professional backgrounds
The house
7 floors
, 36-80 square meters each.

400 square meters of
common areas

flats are privately owned
Everyday life in Loppukiri
The house
The dinner
Hobbies and
other activities
Neighbourly help
Facts and figures
Loppukiri is looking at the sea

"In order to be happy
in elderly years we want"

Autonomy and the right to rule
our own lives

Both companionship and privacy

Neighbourly help

Pleasant and active
everyday life

How Loppukiri-project
started (in 2000)
The members of this
small association went
out, bravely, to
meet the
of the
city of Helsinki...
The city officials granted to the Active Seniors a
building site for Loppukiri-house in Arabianranta
The Association recruited to the house
future inhabitants willing
to live in a community
This is Loppukiri.
Welcome to visit us
to live with us!
The Association of
Active Seniors is
building another community house for seniors. It is called
"Kotisatama" ("Home port")
, and it will be finished in summer 2015 in Helsinki
There are no good
alternative solutions
- before the
their flats
These ladies enjoy hiking
A part of Anton
Chekhovs famous play
"Three sisters",
together with Metropolia
University students
"The naughty girls"
Every resident has an
own flat
with a kitchen, balcony, bathroom and 1-3 rooms. This is everybody´s private area.
The "gamblers"
Sirkka Minkkinen - Auli Kanninen
Projects with schools and universities
e.g. the EU-project with Barcelona and
Manchester - "lifelong learning"
In Manchester, working
with architect students in
planning a new community
Dinner in Loppukiri
with guest from Barcelona
and Manchester in 2014
A secret garden
This neighbour
has extra skills
Trying to keep up
with the digital
techniques is hard work
The "nose day"
The hat party
Not only for fun –
the parties
are also highlights of the communal life, they unite people and they produce a common history

The august full moon party
x) these are not exactly those ladies, only one of them is, the one at the right - Marja Dahlström
Vanhakaupunki falls
The see is near
The garden terrace
The gym
Two saunas
The dining/multipurpose room
The first book
of Loppukiri
Architect Kirsti Sivén
and her colleagues
were great coworkers
...this too
Monthly meetings
of the residents decide common things. Representatives of work groups, "Sextuplets", prepare the meetings.
working group
decides about the menu for dinner, how to clean the common areas and about other activities during
their working week
Kitchen and cleaning "chefs"
(one from every workgroup) decide about general matters concerning food
and cleaning
No chief, no staff
We want to keep our feet moving and the head sharp,
decide of our own things, help each other, enjoy life in
various ways - and live in our own community as long as possible
All kinds of
skills are needed
The 1st floor terrace
The 7th floor community
room with a fireplace. Two saunas
and a terrace adjoining.
The 7th floor terrace
with a wiew to the see
Privacy is also important
All homes are very personal
ready in April 2006
Thanks to the inhabitants of
Prezi outlook

planned by Auli Kanninen

mainly by Eila Puotila,
Sirkka Minkkinen and Auli Kanninen
"Cleaning is cool"
The laundry room is very
important - for common
and private laudry
The second book of Loppukiri by these ladies:
12 short life stories "Landings to Loppukiri"
How decisions are
made in Loppukiri?
Planning together
"First we need a community house!"
The guest room
In Kalasatama area in Helsinki
Finished in 2006
1st part:
the community and the house
the idea
the history
the house
the common &
private areas
the inhabitants
In addition to working in the kitchen and
taking care of the house -

hobbys and other activities
keep us sharp, happy and healthy:

2nd part:
Everyday life
in Loppukiri
the diner & cleaning
hobbys and activities
neigbourly help
decision making in Loppukiri
a new community
Beautiful and interesting surroundings
A bird sanctuary
The idea
Tram stops
The nature conservation
The Association of Loppukiri
keeps contact with the outside
world like the media, organisations
like Active Seniors, receives
visitors, plans and finances future
projects, recreation and so on

A coffee pause in the kitchen
Cleaning the diningroom
Excellent food, selfmade and cheap
A tiny bridge
for eating, hobbies,
concerts, seminars, parties...
-for families, friends
to rent
After planning the menu,
part of the group goes shopping
to the wholesale market
Part of the group is cleaning
Inhabitants are working in
groups of 10-12 people
one week in every 6th week

When the group starts working, it plans the menu, buys the materials, prepares
the dinner
cleans the common areas
and makes a
”safety check”
in the evening

Each working group becames a little ”family” for its members

All inhabitants signed up to the guidelines of common life when bying their flats

Also the garbage
room will be cleaned
A good model was found
in Sweden, Stockholm:
" - a senior-
Dinner will be prepared for 30-40 persons,
4-5 times a week

Music by Cristoph Pronegg:
"Andenken an einen Kameraden"

THE END ("Esc")

: Sirkka Minkkinen, Auli Kanninen
Visitors love Loppukiri
Sometimes we also
have differences of opinion
"We are only human"

Of course we try to solve the problems
Loppukiri in 2005
Loppukiri is a block house
with 6-7 floors
Many people could not
believe in the project
"a group of old
ladies building
a big blockhouse
- not possible!"
Here the moon comes...
First the planning session
New machine for cleaning
A theater performance with Metropolia
university students, "Momo"
Also the garbage room
will be cleaned
Like in all groups of people
A new project
After the sauna - wau!
The library
All kinds of skills are needed
The TV-room
Me too!
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