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ART Core 3: Recruitment and Retention

No description

Angela Ward

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of ART Core 3: Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting for
Your Organization Know your target group
Publicize your organization
Joining the organization
Being Active on Campus Three Keys for
Successful Organization Visibility


Effectiveness Five Phases of
Resident Student
Leadership Training Recruitment and
Retention A.R.T. Core 3 Who? Leaders
Potential Students
Uninvolved Students
Students who need to be 're-channeled'
Program attendees
Students not selected as RA
'At Risk' students How? Individual Invitation
Make them feel important
Fun Programming
Positive Peer Pressure
Early ads
Give results
Work with RAs Maintain Membership Training and development Recognition Acknowledgment
Make them feel useful Teambuilders Conferencing
Regular Meetings Personalize it Regional/State Involvement Motivation and Recognition Spirit Stick
Appreciation Newsletter
School Paper
Social Media
Certificates RHA Website
Door Tags
NRHH Induction or OTMS Initial Phase Issues: Orientation
Team Building
Leadership Styles Tools: Skills Inventories
Adviser Checklists
MBTI/Other inventories
New Officer Receptions
Position Manuals Fundamental Phase Issues: Nuts and bolts
Goal Setting
Recruiting New Members
Running Meetings
Parliamentary Procedures Tools: Leadership Manuals
Leadership Handouts
Fall Training Developmental Phase Issues: Delegation
Volunteer Management
Communication Skills
Retaining Members Tools: Leadership Conferences
Leadership Hour/Minute Personal Phase Issues: Time Management
Stress Management
Personal Growth
Taking Care of Self Tools: One on Ones
Workshops Transitional Phase Issues: Recognition
Recruiting New Officers
New Officer Transition Tools: Position Manuals
Old/New Officer Retreats
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