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9 Spatial Concepts of Geography

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Trisha Vong

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of 9 Spatial Concepts of Geography

9 Spatial Concepts
1. Location
Location is when something can be found on the earth's surface. This can be measured in two ways- absolute and relative location.

Absolute location is using co-ordinates and the pairing of longitude and latitude (10.65°N (latitude), 71.6°W (longitude)).

Relative location is describing the distance and direction (1.6 kilometers east of Melbourne).
2. Distance
Distance is the space in between two different locations on the earth's surface.
3. Distributions
Distribution is the arrangement of objects on the earth's surface. They can be dispersed, random, linear, radial and clustered.

5. Movement
4. Spatial Association
Spatial Association is the relationship between distribution patterns of geographic characteristics.
Movement is the change in location of something. For example; people, water, money etc.
6. Spatial change over time
Spatial change over time is how much a geographic characteristic has changed over a period of time.
Spatial interaction is the relationship between things and the degree they influence one another.
7. Spatial Interaction
8. Region
Region is an area that contains common characteristics that is able to distinguish it from other areas.
Scale represents the comparative size of the actual region with the reduced size so its fits on a page. This can come in three formats;
9. Scale
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