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Concept Map of English Curriculum

No description

Leigh Moir

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Concept Map of English Curriculum

Understanding the curriculum English Curriculum LANGUAGE Literacy Literature Speaking Reading Listening Writing Creating Viewing Modes of Communication Used through English to teach, learn, produce, create and view with. Language Variation
& Change Language For
Interaction Text Structure &
Organisation Expressing &
Developing Ideas Sound &
Letter Knowledge Literature &
Context Responding to
literature Examining
Literature Creatining
Literature Texts in
Context Interacting with
others Interpreting, Analaysing
& Evaluating Creating Texts gives the ability to study Promotes the use of Is a key resource to Develops and promotes the use of Combination of both increase literary appreciation Broadens literacy Capabilities Assumptions of teaching English Fair authentic assessment balancing the 3 strands and utilising the different modes of communication. Utilising a range of great pedagogies & pedagogical approaches. Teaching that best meets students needs. Engage students in learning. Equity and Opportunity Connections to other Learning areas Incorporating ICT cross curriculum perspectives Considerations
in teaching English - Orals Group Discussions Debates Q&A Think:Pair:Share Jigsaw AVD - Audio Visual Displays Websites / Blogs Performance Creating Videos Multi-Modal forms Teacher Reading & Comprehension Activities Teacher Exposition Debates Stories Group Discussion Comprehension Activities Class Reading Activity Sheets Student Reading Writing Top Level Structure Texts Practice Handwriting Activity Sheets Imaginative writing Lists, steps, directions - Recipes, instructions, shopping list Watching Media Texts Online Texts Music Viewing Multimodal texts Advertisment Examples Examples Examples Examples Examples Examples Values of English Curriculum - Readying students for real world applications

- Equity and opportunity

- Sustainability

- Values communication

- Appreciation of Literature

- Student Engagement Strand strand Shape (National Curriculum Board 2009, p.16) (National Curriculum Board 2009, p.16) References

ACARA 2013, "Content Structure" in Organisation, http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/English/Content-structure [Accessed 26 March, 2013]

National Curriculum Board 2009, Shape of Australian Curriculum, http://www.acara.edu.au/verve/_resources/Australian_Curriculum_-_English.pdf [Accessed 26 March, 2013]

ACARA 2013, Foundation to Year 10 Curriculum, http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/English/Curriculum/F-10 [Accessed 20 March 2013] Y4-9
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