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Crazy Horse

Life of the brave leader who would give up anything for the way of life that he knew that was beeing taken away.

Cade Sampson

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Crazy Horse Crazy Horse was born along Rapid Creek Brave Loyal Willing Crazy Horse was born in a common tipi Crazy Horse was born in an olglala camp similer to this one Tashunka Witco Childhood As a young child Crazy Horse was close to his Uncle Spotted Tail At about age ten Crazy Horse witnessed the death of conquering bear in the Gratton Massacre Conquering Bear Little Hawk Little Hawk helped
Crazy horse in various
things, but especialy in his accuracy with a bow Spotted Tail Long trains of wagons passed through the land that Crazy Horse lived on. When Crazy Horse was young was when the wagons started tresspassing. This was an Oregon Trail wagon train Fun Fact A popular game played by young lakota boys was a game to improve their shooting skills whith a bow.
A group of boys gather in a circle and they roll a hoop back and forth and they shoot the through the hoop with the arrow.
War Crazy Horse always had a knife with him not only in war, but any other time Knife Bow and Arrow This was Crazy Horses waepon of choice in war evan over a gun. War Shirt This shirt was worn by Crazy Horse to the battle feild. Death Crazy Horse was killed at Ft. Robinson
he pulled a knife on the white soldiars that were trying to put him in a jail cell. While he struggled a guard stabbed him through the mid-section with a bayonet.
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