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Henry Jenkins

No description

Komal Gorasia

on 30 January 2011

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Transcript of Henry Jenkins

Henry Jenkins The three key concepts are:
Media convergence (The flow of content through different media platforms)

Partipatory culture (Contrasts with older ideas of passive media spectatorship. Producers are now seen as having interacting roles, rather than separate roles)

Collective intelligence (An alternative source of media power. We are learning how to use this power through our day-to-day interactions Convergence describes technological, industrial, cultural and social changes The circulation of media content depends heavily on the consumers' active participation Convergence occurs within the brains of consumers and through their social interactions with others. we construct our own mythologies from fragments of information, through which we make sense of our everyday lives. Examples of convergence Watching movies on mobiles In 2004, a highly aniticipated Bollywood film was available for streaming on mobile phones. This shows how this kind of distribution fits into people's lives and questions the need for consumers to visit the cinema Mobile phones have mulitple uses Mobile phones these days have a range of features, predominantly for the entertainment of the user. These features include camera, Internet, MP3 players, radio, games etc. This shows that there is high demand for multi-purpose phones and demonstrates why single-function phones are no longer being produced. The Black Box Fallacy Old media never dies, however, the tools we use to access media content do. These tools are called delivery technologies. Delivery technologies become replaced, media, however, evolves. For example, recorded sound would be the medium and CDs, MP3 files and cassettes would be the delivery technologies Lisa Gitelman Delivery systems are simply technologies
Delivery technologies come and go all the time Old media are not being displaced, their functions and status are shifted by the introduction of new technologies The old idea of COnvergence The old idea of convergence was that all devices would converge into one central device that did everything for you What we are now seeing is the hardware diverging while the content converges Record player Cassette CD Mp3 Player Convergence changes the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences Convergence involves both the change in the way media is produced and a change in the way media is consumed The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence Convergence doesn't just involve commercially produced materials and services travelling along well-regulated and predictable circuits. Entertainment content isn't the only thing that flows across multiple media platforms. Our lives, relationships, memories, fantasies, desires also flow across media channels. For example, being a lover, teacher or mummy occurs on multiple platforms.
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