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Career Shadowing at Robinson Fans

My day at Robinson Fans

Nathan Codispot

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing at Robinson Fans

Robinson Fans tecknology used in this job where will the company be in fifteen years what is the purpose of the company hello h hello pictures what is the average salary education needed would i go into this job the averge salary for some one starting at this
job is 10$ an hour to 50,000 a year the education needed for a starting position is a high school diploma and then experience for what your doing the purpose of this job is to give consumers
the customized products that they want for fon
fans or if they want a fan made Dan codispot is the production manager
of the east coast They had a down size of emploies last year of 30%,
so he hopes to gain them back. He also hopes to change the fabrication prosess,
so that people will be able to have work. computers are used every day in this job and they use a company system to connect all of the plants together emploability skills you need to be on time, complete work by scheduled date, and the work has to be accuratly, have to work well with others, be curtious, put forth effort, and listen skills needed for the job you msut be a problem solver, must have professional courtesy, and have to know when to listen and when to talk dislikes one thing that i dislike about this job is that you are mainly
inside all day likes this job seem fun and you use cool software I think that this is a cool job I just dont think its for me.
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