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Student Guidelines for the Alumni Coach Program

No description

Heather Krasna

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Student Guidelines for the Alumni Coach Program

What is the Alumni Coach Program?
An effort to help
facilitate informational interviews
current students
Mailman Alumni
to help students build relationships and learn about different careers and increase alumni engagement.
After the
Informational Interview
Send a
thank you email
to the alumni
Fill out the
about your experience that you will
receive by email a day after your scheduled appointment
Maintain the connection
Why was the Alumni Coach Program created?
promote alumni engagement
with the Mailman student body
facilitate informational interviews
and remove obstacles around initiating contact with an alum
help students
connect with and
utilize the alumni network
help students build relationships
with alumni and
gain insight about alumna's experiences and careers
How does the Alumni Coach program work?
Alumni apply
for the program and
set up appointments
that show their availability for
informational interviews

in CareerLink
sign up for appointments
Students and Alumni are
emailed a confirmation with student email address
reaches out to student
Students and Alumni
coordinate how they want to connect
What is an Informational Interview?
A chance to
build a relationship with a professional
in the field you're interested in
An opportunity to
learn more about the culture, hiring processes, or industry
A meeting where you can
gain insight into whether you're interested in different fields
A connection that helps
build your professional network and work on networking skills
For specific tips, schedule an appointment with a career counselor and check out the Career Handbook!

What an Informational Interview is NOT
A time to
ask for a job
that you will get a particular position
A time to
be unprepared
A time to
be silent
Student Guidelines for the Alumni Coach Program
Thank you!
Before the Informational Interview
During the Informational Interview
about the type of information you want to learn
: the alumni and their organization
: your elevator pitch, and talking about your experience/accomplishments
: an answer for the type of positions you're interested in
Be on time
Ask questions
that demonstrate your interest in and knowledge of the field
Find opportunities to
talk about your own experiences and accomplishments
Make sure to
be polite, attentive, and prepared
How You Schedule an Alumni Coaching Appointment
Click on
Make Appointment
and select
Alumni Coaching Appointment
Schedule your Alumni Coaching Appointment
Pay attention to the description for
Alumni's background and experience
Select your desired time slot and Alumni
You can only book appointments at
least 1 week in advance
You will see this page.
Press done
and the
will get an
email confirming the appointment
will receive your email address and will
reach out to your to coordinate how you will connect
during your scheduled time
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