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V1 - Inspired Leaders Driven by Success and Failure

Five of the most extraordinary people in the past century, whose vision and determination changed the world.

david hall

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of V1 - Inspired Leaders Driven by Success and Failure

Inspired Leaders Driven by Success and Failure
Michael Eisner
Sir Richard Branson
Bill Gates
Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel
Steve Jobs
Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center in 2002 (EPFMC 2014).

Bill Gates founded Microsoft
( world's largest software business)
with Paul Allen and
has became one of the
richest men in the world.
At 13 years old Bill Gates wrote his first computer program, a tic-tac-toe game, allowing people to play against the computer. (Biography 2014)
Bill Gates was presented with the
KBE Order for his charitable
contributions and knighted
by the Queen in 2005.
(Haines 2005)
Bill started Pre-law at Harvard University in 1973 but dropped out before he finished.
Born March 7, 1942, Mount Kisco, N.Y., U.S. He went to Denison University graduated 1964 with BA in English
Out spoken on the 2013 US budget crisis, appeared on several news networks and in several newspapers (CNBC 2014).
Supported Americans Elect which is a non-profit, non-partisan organization (Eisner 2012).
Political donations 2014 $42,100. Nothing noted in 2013 in 2012 $45,200 (Campaign Money 2014).
Chanel’s was raised in an orphanage by nuns, she learnt to sew; skills that set her up for her life’s work. In her early days, she performed in the Moulin’s, getting her the nickname “Coco”
(Biography 2014).

Being the lover of a Nazi Officer during World War 2, Chanel was believed to be a Nazi intelligence operative. It is also thought that she went on missions around Europe to recruit new agents for the Third Reich
(McAuley 2011).

Coco, was one of the world’s most influential fashion designers. She changed the way women world-wide dressed, through the introduction of the Chanel suit, little black dress, and the perfume Chanel No. 5
(Biography 2014).
After being interrogated for her relationship with the Nazi, she suffered from strong public option, despite not being charged as a collaborator. Many viewed her relationship with a Nazi as betraying her country
(Biography 2014).

“some things will never go out of fashion”
(Elle Magazine 2008).

The Little Black Dress Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Quilted Handbags The Chanel Suit

NBC 1964 6 weeks
FCC clerk
CBS 1964 -1966 Slotting advertisement in children's programs

(Academy of Achievement 2010)
ABC Television
Happy Days; Barney Miller; Rich Man, Poor Man, Roots.

Paramount Studios
Raiders of the Lost Ark and three installments of the Star Trek cycle.
Steve Jobs was an idealistic college dropout who his teenage years in the hippie counter-culture on pursuit of spiritual and personal liberation (Moisescot 2012).

During this period, he met his friend and co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak.
Steve Jobs could be best described as a Democratic Liberal, but that's not to say he was a follower. Jobs was a modern day hippie (Blumenthal 2012, p. 39) whose sole focus was changing the world through innovation, not politics.
Steve Jobs changed several industries through innovation and design (Gallo 2010, p. 8). From the Apple Macintosh television advertisement which aired during the 1984 Superbowl, to Pixar's record breaking movie Toy Story.

Personal Computers, Software, Telephones, Tablet Computers, MP3 Players, Television, Movies & Marketing have all been influenced by Jobs.
Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple, the company which created the first personal computer and remains one of the most recognisable consumer brands in the world today (Isaacson 2011, p. 72).
He built Disney from a 2 billion dollar company in 1984 to a 61 billion dollar company in 2001 (Academy of Achievement 2010).
In 1978 Jobs and ex-girlfriend Chrissan Brennan had a child named Lisa. He publicly denied he was the father, even after a positive paternity test in 1979 (Brennan 2013, p.230).
Eisner owns Tornante Company 2005 (Tornante 2014).
Michael D. Eisner College of
Education in 2007
(Laughing Place 2013).
Bill Gates keeps his political views to himself.
Bill Gates makes financial contributions to both the "Democrats (54.35%) and Repbulicans (45.65%)" (Campaign Money 2014). With a total of $440,958 from 1999 - present.
Disney 1994
The share holders sued Disney board 1996 and lost in
2005 (The Disney Wiki 2014)
Disney 2004-2005
Removed as chairman 2004 and resigned in 2005 as Chief executive (The Disney Wiki 2014)
The Bill & Melinda Foundation aims to:
help all people live healthy and productive lives
reduce hunger and poverty,
improve living (Gates foundation 2014)
eradicate disease (Murphy 2014)
Steve Jobs Portrait
(Watson 2006)
Apple Inc. Corporate Logo
Steve Jobs holding the new iPhone at Apple's WWDC in 2007
(Morris 2007)
Steve Jobs Portrait
(Seeff 1984)
Laurene Powell and Steve Jobs with daughter Lisa
Jobs and Wozniak working on the Apple II
(Apple Inc/Corbis Images 1975)
1985- Apple sues Microsoft
1998-US Department of Justice files a law suit against Microsoft
2002- Bill & Melinda Foundation invest in a pharmaceutical company- Violating federal rules (Murphy 2004)

The most significant legacy of Richard Branson will be his continued vision to use business to change the world for the good of its people with Virgin Unite. Leading the debate for change are leadership groups
The Elders
The B Team
The Carbon War Room
(Unite-Virgin 2014).
Richard Branson, struggling with dyslexia left Stowe School at age 16 (Bio 2014). Going on to create a youth culture student magazine, Branson and Co-Founder Nik Powell had the idea one day to place an advert for a discounted mail order record service which became an instant success (CNN 2011).
Richard Branson describes himself as a “Humanitarian who loves people" (CNN 2011) is supportive of parties whom best serve the people.
Sir Richard Branson was knighted
for his services to entrepreneurship
(BBC 2000) at Buckingham Palace
by the Prince of Wales
on 30th of March 2000.
This presentation is a brief look at five of the most extraordinary people in the past century, whose vision and determination changed the world.

Through success and failure, their desire to break tradition in search of ways to drive society forward is a common mindset for each.

As you will read, these amazing people have been responsible for the innovation, design and concepts of some of the worlds leading companies and brands which have shaped countless generations.

All references cited have been sourced from credible published books and articles written by colleagues, journalists and leading industry experts.

As the pages of history turn,
we will remember the few men and women,
who had the imagination to
create, inspire and enhance
life for all humanity.
Jenna Fidden
Lee Knighton
David Hall
Adam O'Connor
Kenn Clark

2014-1-COMM10003 Learning and Communicating Online
Assessment 2A: Producing an online informational resource

Group #1
May 2014
Arrested in early 1970’s for Sales tax
evasion, Virgin Records Richard Branson
and Co-Founder Nik Powell got
probation by promising in
exchange to repay the debt
(Wikipedia 2014).
Richard Branson - Virgin United Chairman (AFP/Getty 1969
Just call me Sir (AP 2000)
Virgin Records- Time Machine (1971)
Richard Branson with children
(Unite-Virgin 2012)
Virign Unite Logo
David Cameron and Richard Branson (Parson's 2012)
Richard Branson
(Voss 2013)
Portrait of CoCo Chanel (Ray 1936)
The Legend we Love to Hate, (lisof.co.za 2013)
Coco Chanel in 1920 (Getty Images)
Black Glamour (Ray 1936)
Coco with her Great Dane, Mat,
(turquoisemoon.co.uk 2013)
Early shot of Coco,
(turquoisemoon.co.uk 2013)
Do you know about the amazing Chanel 2.55? (Kirkland 1962)
Vintage: Coco Chanel (Kirkland 1962)
Chanel No. 5 1921 from Perfume Projects (2104)
Coco Chanel as a Nazi (Palombo 2011)
Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Co. (Disney 1988)
( Michael Esiner n.d.)
( Michael Eisner biography 2010)
Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO (Getty 2010)
Michael Eisner (Getty 2010)
Eisner family on Hollywood Walk of Fame (Prouser 2008)
Bill Gates with Microsoft Logo (Chan, A 2013)
Bill Gates Portrait ( Crowley 2014)
A 30-year-old Bill Gates poses in front of boxes of Microsoft products in 1986 (McNally 1986)
Young Bill Gates (Getty 2008)
India a priority for Melinda Gates foundation's (Diwan 2010)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Logo ( 2013)
Bill Gates knighted by The Queen (Bracetti, 2013)

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