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Civics Presentation

No description

Omar Saada

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Civics Presentation

Charity Or

Murder/Attempted Murder


Over development
By: Omar Abo Saada, Conal Maitland, Abi Kuruparan
My simulated experience
My name is Conal Maitland and here is my experience in the Civic Mirror game.
My Simulated Experience
My Goals
In the game I started out with 3000 dollars by the end of the week I lost all of it. Later when we had auction for what hex people get, I got tech from city hall. After a while I noticed no one was buying my tech and I got no income. A few weeks passed and then the "Yansan court case" happened. I was not there but when I went on after it happened and saw that 6 of my members were dead.
Civics Final Culminating Activity
My only goal was to have lots of well-being points
and to have fun while playing civic mirror. I also like RTS games (Real Time Strategy) so the idea of total domination was appealing. As weeks passed it proved that half of it was right. I got a lots of well being points by eating 3 food and using 3 tech, 3 a&e, 3 education, but i did not have world domination.
My Experience
My goals
Own a mansion with a high community rating

Become a member of a political party

Our political party, the Panda Political Party (PPP), to win the election

Convince our Prime Minister, Lucas, to become a Dictatorship

Have the highest amount of well-being points in Pandopolis
Omar Abo Saada
Goals I Have
Bought a mansion at the auction and occupied it

Became a member of the Panda Political Party

Our party won the election
Brandon and I had a plan to "do away with" the citizens of Pandopolis.

First gain a majority government, get appointed as judge, obtain all power plants, an apartment, a farm, and other properties.

We would dictate a country within a country by only providing power for our private properties and stack up on WB points.

People's families would die off due to deprivation of food, shelter and other necessities.
Goals that I have not achieved
Our party did not become a dictatorship

Currently, I do not have the most WB points
Civic Mirror Game
This simulation has helped me understand the law, government and society by showing me how all of these elements work together.
This experience has prepared me for reality by showing me about the government and issues that I will face as a member of society.
My Goals
Last Part of the plan was Novjot's farm; which I bought for $20 000.

I was prepared for every contingency, except for Colton being given power.

Final part was to convince Brandon to give me his power and then eliminate everyone.

This was attempted not as malignancy, but as a personal challenge.
Abi Kuruparan
I personally didn't learn much about law and government other than how the House of Commons works.
Problems in Our Simulated Experience
Lessons Learned
Connections to Reality
One problem was money theft, property theft, second degree murder, and attempted homicide.
The thievery was solved
by a fair trial in court.
The attempted homicide was prevented by intervention by a third party.
transfers cash to households in the developing world via mobile phone-based payment service

It targets households affected by theft and aims to deliver at least 90 cents directly to recipients for every $1.00 in total.
Goals of GiveDirectly
We learned that things can happen unexpectedly and you have to be ready for them.
Also that things also don't always end the way you expected.
They locate poor households in any local community and transfer your donation electronically to a recipient's cell phone or email.
The recipient uses the transfer to pursue his or her own goals to help get back what was stolen.
Similar issues that occur in the real world include:
Attempted Murder and Murder
Civic Mirror Experience

A citizen of Pandopolis stole several account passwords and changed them
This citizen transferred property and money to his account
Real World Issue

Identity theft; when someone uses their identifying information such as their credit card number without consent to commit a crime
Burglary; when a person illegally enters a building for the purpose of theft or other offense

The accused citizen was taken to court and has been found guilty of theft
Civic Mirror Experience

Abi attempted to kill citizens by withholding power needed to power their hexes and sustain their family's well being

Power was granted to citizens to power their hexes
Real World Issue

Homicide (murder) rate in Canada in 2011 was 1.73 per 100 000 people
Civic Mirror Experience

At the begging of the civic mirror game, many citizens were homeless
Homelessness lead to deaths in their family and loss of well being points

Government apartment building was created to house the homeless
Civic Mirror Game Experience

Too many trees were being developed into buildings
Lower amount of trees = Lower well being

Government placed a law to preserve the amount of trees in Pandopolis
Compensated the citizens who own environmental hexes by paying them an allocated amount every year
Real World Issue

Causes negative environmental impacts including increase in pollution, destruction of animal habitats and lower amounts of oxygen being produced
Also uses a lot of electricity and fossil fuels to turn forests into urban cities
Real World Issue
Homelessness can cause:

Mental health problems
Bronchitis and pneumonia
Problems caused by being outdoors
Wound and skin infections
An important lesson that we've learned from our experience is that people should always be prepared for surprises. A disaster can strike fast, or plans may not always work out, so you should be prepared for every contingency.
One more lesson that I personally find important is that people need to look upon everything with an skeptic eye, and shouldn't believe everything they hear. people should question peoples motives when suspicion arises.
Thanks for Watching!
The government also creates homeless shelters to help prevent this issue
Treatment Of Our Weakest members
Our Nation treated the nation's weakest members fairly and kindly

The Government set laws in place to help them by:
Creating Jobs for Income
Helping the poor by giving them jobs
Creating Apartments to house homeless

Pandopolis vs Bangladesh
Bangladesh is considered by many to be the poorest Country in the world

Both Bangladesh and Pandopolis had problems with homelessness and poverty
Despite the governments efforts to solve these issues in Banglasdesh, around 3/4 people live in poverty
Their issues has not been solved yet because of economic issues such as an extremely low Per capita income of $130 a year
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